Book Review – Demon from the Dark – (Immortals After Dark #10) – Kresley Cole

Absolutely fell in love with this book! Malkom… sigh… who knew I’d love the caveman so much?!

Demon from the Dark is Malkom and Carrow’s story. At the end of book #9, we saw that immortals were being kidnapped and that Carrow from the house of witches was one of them. She finds herself in an island where the immortals are being held by an order of mortals. Carrow is blackmailed to go to a different plane to retrieve a reclusive immortal, Malkom Slaine. Malkom is a Vemon (or as Nix would say, a Dempire), a vampiric demon. Malkom thinks he’s an abomination and lives alone in the mountains.

This demon was raw, uncivilised – and he was making her melt.

But then he meets Carrow, his fated female, and he’s ready to forget his tortured background and follow her anywhere. What he doesn’t know is that, just like everybody else in his life, she’s about to betray him…

Malkom was so damned accustomed to loss, yet he knew he would never recover if he lost her.

I immediately fell in love with Malkom. He only spoke Demonish which means he couldn’t communicate with Carrow… sigh… it was so sweet to see them attempt. To see him protect her and learn from her. He was as caveman as it gets with his lack of showers and behaviour but she tamed him and they taught each other… him so tortured, her so brave… it was just beautiful.

While no immortal – or mortal for that matter – can take the place of Bowen, Malkom has just fought for a place next to him… sigh… definitely my second best in the series!

Add to their beautiful though conflicted love story, there is also a bigger story here. Since book #1 the good immortals have been aligning and it just might be time for a war. I loved seeing all of them get along, Mari and Bowen (my favorite) Sabine and Rydstrom, Conrath and Neomi…. it’s actually a big beautiful family now and such a joy to read.

I’ll end by saying that every time I start a new book and get bored, I read the Immortals After Dark series. It’s my go to series because it never disappoints.

5 stars!

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