Book Review – Bloodfever (Fever #2) – Karen Marie Moning

I dove into this second book in the series immediately after the first. I was looking forward to seeing the evolution of Mac from a ‘barbie’ to the most powerful sidhe seer. .. I was also so excited to see how her relationship with the enigmatic Jericho Barrons would progress.

I was disappointed on both fronts. But first a synopsis. We begin right where Dark Fever left off. Mac is still on the trail of her sister’s killer.. Barrons is still by her side but only because he wants her help in locating the Sinsar Dubh. Their alliance is working well but Mac is also aware that she knows next to nothing about Barrons. How come he can walk amongst the shades? Why is he so keen on getting the Sinsar Dubh?

As you can imagine in a long series such as this one, none of the questions are answered. I knew it would drag on for some time and to be honest I’m still very interested in getting the answers to the many questions, but I got a bit tired of getting no answer at all.

While I was prepared to not find Alina’s killer or the Sinsar Dubh, I was hoping that the relationship between Barrons and Mac would progress. At least a little bit. It did. A tiny tiny bit. Sigh. ..

I will say that I still want to see where all this is going. I’m still in awe (if a bit grossed out) by the world the author has created. There are many players and many questions. I’ll move on to book 3, I’m hoping for something to progress… anything and maybe I just might stick out the entire series.

3 stars.

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