Book Review – Dark Fever (Fever #1) – Karen Marie Moning

I’ve really been looking forward to reading this series! One of those books you keep in the back burner rubbing your palms together waiting for the right moment… Then I went on holiday and bought the entire series 🙂

Dark fever did not disappoint! I read it so fast my husband had to remind me of his presence 🙂 so whats the story about? MacKayla Lane is a happy go lucky 22 year old southern belle. She loves pink, chilling at the pool and listening to her ipod. That all comes crushing down when she gets a phone call. Her 24 year old sister Alina has been murdered. Alina had travelled on a university exchange programme to Dublin. As far as Mac knows, Alina was just a more ambitious version of her, so why would anyone kill her? And so brutally at that?

Mac refuses to watch the case go cold in a difference country. She travels to Dublin intent on solving the case. There she realizes that things are not as they seem. Alina was in much more danger that anyone could have imagined. And not from humans but from a variety of deadly supernaturals. Mac, determined to solve the case, finds herself in the same deep waters Alina was in. The only difference is that Mac has someone helping her… Or using her… Or both… Jericho Barrons. An enigmatic hottie who is hiding more than he shares. Who or what is he? And what does he want with Mac? Can Mac solve her sister’s murder? And at what cost?

I can’t tell you how thrilling the whole ride was! It has been some time since I was addicted to a series (another paranormal one, go figure) so I desperately wanted to like this one. Turns out I loved it. The adventure, the excitement of whodunit, the wit, the sexy sexy Barrons but most importNtly, the world building. Incredible. Unlike anything I’ve read before.

I was never one to love Urban Fantasy which I felt included more supernaturals than my poor brain can handle… But recently I’ve been proved very wrong. It still takes time, but I’m more intrigued and excited than I am when it comes to any other genre.

More positives= the heroine was positively likeable. She was very girly which I thought would be a problem (I’m not girly) but she turned out strong and daring, plus the author’s voice gave her wit and brains. I loved that. Speaking of the author’s voice, I loved everything about it. The only thing missing from the book was sex. I’m an erotica reviewer so yes I missed it. I’m holding on to hope that subsequent books will have at least a bit of the sexy barrons seducing Mac 🙂

4 stars!

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3 Responses to Book Review – Dark Fever (Fever #1) – Karen Marie Moning

  1. Jessi Gage says:

    I loved the whole series. Mac grows in every book. And yes, there will be sex. But it’s definitely not erotica. In fact, the romance content is lower than I usually go for. Moning’s voice and imaginative world make up for it:-)

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