Book Review – Rogue – Katy Evans

It’s quite obvious that I’m a huge Katy Evans fan. Her debut, Real, is still one of my favourite books of all time. Her love stories have such intensity, such beauty in their rawness… and this one was no different.

Rogue is the story of Melanie. You might remember her as Brooke’s crazy best friend in Real. Melanie wants what Brooke has, a man who sees her for who she is and loves her all the more for it. She’s always been the romantic, searching for love anywhere and everywhere. Her search has led to countless horrible one night stands but she never gives up. And one rainy night she meets him. Greyson King.

I have seen works of art and beautiful men, beautiful buildings and beautiful rooms, but at this moment as he looks at me, I can’t remember ever seeing anything besides him.

And for the first time ever she thinks this could be more than a one night stand. This could be what she’s been searching for. But Greyson is nobody’s prince.

I like the way she hunts for the next man; I liked watching because somewhere, deep down, I knew I’d have enough, and her hunt would be over the day I decided to let her know I intended to be that man. Fuck her prince charming. She’s getting me.

He has a tale darker than Melanie could ever imagine. He’s a dangerous man with a list, and she’s on that list…

I loved their story! The heat between these two was palpable… the steam? Wowzer! I’ve read a couple of books lately where the steamy bits are so lackluster I skim over. I read and review erotica for a reason… I love the steamy bits and want to see them well done… and Katy did them so good… so good 😉 I’ll leave it there and wait for you to read them yourselves 🙂

And while the steam had all my attention, the story was not far behind. It was not a mystery to solve as we find out Greyson’s job pretty much right off the bat. However, Melanie is in the dark about all of it… and when she realizes that her prince is nothing but a rogue, will she want to keep him?

Love didn’t feel like this when I imagined I’d fall in love. Love was exciting and precious in my mind, not frightening and unexpected.

Another Katy Evans winner!

4 stars!

Amazon Buy Link -> Rogue by Katy Evans



Id like to thank the author and the publisher for providing this copy for my review.

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