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It’s official! LH Cosway can do no wrong. Her stories are pure magic. I love how buoyant and happy they make me, how they force me to dream again, to believe in the impossible. She has such skill and I just wish she could write faster so I never have to leave her world!

Six of Hearts is the story of Matilda and Jay. Matilda works for her solicitor father as his secretary. She meets Jay when he comes in to request representation. Jay is an illusionist. Until recently, he had his own show which was cancelled when a newspaper printed a nasty story on him, accusing him of murdering his partner. Matilda is immediately taken by Jay but she’s always had problems approaching men. So when Jay moves into her house, it should be the perfect opportunity for her, but she has no clue where to start.

This book is another magical adventure. Jay is of course a magician so there’s that, but there’s also more. If you’ve read Painted Faces and Still Life with Strings, then you know what kind of magic I’m talking about. LH Cosway is all about taking what could be an extremely angsty story and filling it with such hope that you can’t help but smile through it all.

It’s clear from the beginning that Jay and Matilda are soul mates. Their lives are intertwined from the start, but as much as they want each other, there’s something holding Jay back…

“I need you to be my friend, matilda, to spend time with me. But please don’t push for more, even if it feels like want you so badly it hurts, even if I’m the one doing the pushing, because if you do, I might just be selfish and take you… and you’d destroy me.”

There’s definitely something he’s hiding…

“It’s about the fact that if you knew the truth, you might not want me anymore, and I couldn’t live with you not wanting me.”

Matilda has no clue what it could be… but when all is revealed, it shakes her world.

Sigh… I absolutely loved their story. It has the same feel as previous LH Cosway books. The same style of writing that makes me think of a mix between chic lit and New Adult… the humor and light heartedness mixed with angst and love… it’s a wonderful combination and I for one I’m a huge fan.

I love how the heroine is your girl next door. And though she might not lead a perfect life, she has friends and family and hopes and dreams and laughter… and the hero though incredibly sexy and confident, has his own problems… and when they come together, they learn from each other and heal each other…

I want another LH Cosway book now! Seriously! She makes me believe in the impossible again.

We both know that mystery is better than the truth. So why not live with the magic? Be a kid again and believe in the fantastical. Life is more fun with a little smoke and mirrors.

4.5 stars!!!

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six of hearts


I’d like to thank the author for providing this copy for my review.


“Come on upstairs, and I’ll get you some antiseptic for that,” I whisper, touching his hand for a second. I slip off my heels and leave them at the bottom of the stairs.

He follows silently behind me, and I wonder if he’s checking out my arse again like last time. I don’t have the courage to turn around and investigate, though.

When we reach the bathroom, I pull a bottle of antiseptic from the shelf and some cotton wool from the cupboard. Jay sits down on the edge of the bathtub, watching me.

“You really shouldn’t have attacked that man,” I say. “I’ve had worse things said to me over the years.”

His eyes darken. “Who’s said worse to you, Matilda?”

I shrug it off. “Almost every time my friend Michelle and I go out, we get crude stuff shouted at us. I think it’s all part and parcel of being around drunk men with no filters.” I pause and amend, “The women can be fairly nasty at times, too.”

“Well, that’s probably because they’re jealous. And the men do it because they misguidedly think it’ll get them laid.”

I laugh softly and pour some antiseptic onto the cotton wool before sitting down beside him and bringing it to his hand. “‘Misguided’ is definitely the right word.”

When the cotton wool meets his knuckles, he hisses and curses, “Motherfucker.”

“You know what? You Boston-Irish swear even more than us Irish-Irish,” I joke.

“Yeah,” says Jay. “I’ve got a dirty mouth, but it’s mostly used for good.”

I glance at him. The way he’s looking at me makes me feel all funny and hot, so I hand him the cotton wool.

“There. You can finish yourself off,” I say, standing up.

I have to resist the urge to face palm when I see the size of his smile. Sometimes I think my brain might just be a gaping hole containing nothing but unconscious innuendo.

“You know what I mean,” I mutter as I open the door to leave.

“Oh, I know exactly what you mean,” Jay calls after me.

“I’m going to bed.”

“Sleep tight.”

I can still hear him chuckling as I close my bedroom door.


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