Book Review – One Night: Promised – Jodi Ellen Malpas

I was so excited to receive a copy of this soon to be released book by Jodi Ellen Malpas! I’m sure you remember her as the creator of the phenomenon that was Jesse Ward, and with this new trilogy, she promised another crazy ride with a new guy, the mysterious M.

The book introduces us to our heroine, Livy (Olivia Taylor) who works in a coffee shop. She’s a bit of a recluse, a beautiful recluse, which means men are always asking her out and she always says no. Until she meets him, M. He’s arrogant and beautiful… she’s intrigued.

I’ve always tried to keep my life simple, but now I’m craving a complication – a tall, dark-haired, mysterious complication.

He makes her a proposition, one night of pure pleasure; no commitments, no feelings, no strings attached. She’d be crazy to accept. She has a past, one that is too fresh for her to even think of entertaining such a proposition. Yet she’s never felt this kind of attraction before. She can’t deny herself, and 24 hours it is.

M makes Livy feel things she never thought possible. It was inevitable, she wants more. But he’s too much of a mystery. He’s clearly hiding beneath the expensive suits and the arrogant attitude. There’s more to him that should worry her, but she’s willing to stick it out, if he is.

Onto my thoughts. The book has a slow build to it. Very slow. I found that I could put it down. Often. It is highly descriptive… by that I mean, we know absolutely everything going on in Livy’s mind. I personally prefer books with more dialogue and I felt, at least in the first half of the book, that it was all about Livy’s thoughts and feelings. It felt drawn out and repetitive and I had to constantly will myself to go on.

My other problem with the book was the erotic scenes. They felt so weird to me. The dialogue came off stilted and uncomfortable. This is where I place a disclaimer: I prefer a gentleman on the streets and a freak in the bed type of man, this was not M. The thing is, M is a British gentleman and he talks exactly as the upper crust of British society does. Well and good, but in the bedroom I wanted him to let lose, but all he did was say things like “This is good, yes?” and “I concur”. It was so weird. Plus he kept correcting her manners… gah! It was meant to be one night of pleasure and I read that scene in two days, I just couldn’t get over how weird it was.

That being said, I stuck with the book for a reason. I did want to see M’s identity revealed. And I will say that the last 10% of the book is an absolute thrill. Finally we get the drama and the emotion. In fact, if it hadn’t taken me so long to read the first 90% of the book, I would have rated the book higher.

I also enjoyed the secondary characters. Absolutely loved Livy’s grandmother and her best friend. Their characters seemed so real and positive.

So I’ll end by saying that unfortunately, this one was not for me. I’ve seen some absolutely glowing reviews so I urge you to go forth and read it. I would love to know your thoughts.

3 stars.

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one night

I’d like to thank the author and the publisher for providing this ARC for my review.

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16 Responses to Book Review – One Night: Promised – Jodi Ellen Malpas

  1. Thank you for the great review and having the honesty to tell exactly what you thought!

  2. bluekaren says:

    Hi there! I am new here but I really like your style of reviews. I admire honesty and I appreciate reviewers that tell me what they really think of something.

  3. Great review! 🙂 I was disappointed with (and bored to death by) this one because I really had a huge expectation since the This Man series was my fave series ever.. :c

  4. Hi! When I finished the book I automatically went to different pages to read some reactions and I needed to see your review. I really need to read the following book to get my head straight, but I agree with you in some points.

    For me, the book didn’t seem slow. I like the author’s descriptions because sometimes they make the situations more real, you know, watching everything from Livy’s point of view in such detail. Jodi’s a really good writer and I loved the secondary characters in this book (Nan, the best!).

    Though, I “concur” on the repetitiveness in many scenes, this issue with manners, and M’s cold reaction during the most intimate moments. I was expecting him to open up a little bit. However, you can’t be sure of anything when it comes to M. He is way more moody and weird than Jesse. I think he is even more conflicted, but that is something coming in the next books I think, and I expect him to surprise us all…
    I just need to read the next part because I’m so confused and flabbergasted with the end… I didn’t like it at all. I’m desperate now!!!

  5. sarangaexia says:

    Im actually reading this book right now and as you said, I’ve already reached the point where i should just move on to another book. i wanted not exactly a recreation of ‘The Lord’, but something similar, more dynamic, (he’s British for the love of God!), but M, did not, or rather has not got me yet. (Im on Chapter 10)
    But, since I’ve started the book, i will finish it, and hopefully M will get to me soon. He better!

    • Did he finally ‘get you’? I’m curious what your conclusion is…

      • sarangaexia says:

        Well I did finish the book… Unfortunate he did not get me. 😦 guess I’ll be Jesse’s girl.
        However, the last few chapters oh my! Jodi had me at the edge of my seat. The twist was bloody unexpected!

  6. astroyashi says:

    Would you please tell me any novel who has a character like Jesse!!! please !! i search everywhere and still i am not satisfied with any of the books i read(which i dropped in middle of reading because of disappointment)…!!! i will really appreciate your help!! i wish you can see my puppy face right now… 🙂

  7. astroyashi says:

    Hmmm, yes i observed after reading it, that it is a Mafia Erotica but you know, i have this gentle, love and soft side which do not allow me to read that much of violence…but at the same time i love all characteristics of Jesse, his jealousy,his possessiveness,his love,his control (on others), his violence(towards other males),his passion as well as his dependence on his lover’s love. i mean this author has already ruined me for others..i mean, i don’t even compare it with 50 shades,..this book is beyond comparison…even its erotic scenes make me read it twice or thrice…..50 shades or other master/sub series don’t include that much of love and passion…those books often represent formal or fake relationship…they even show strict or stern attitude, which sometimes get converted into hostile environment….I’m not doing sweet virgin talk , i’m just thinking how Jodi Ellen satisfy each every qualities we like, in Jesse….its not the case that i don’t like Domination,i do like Domination but may be i’m not able to describe you how much of it i like….

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