Book Review – Use (Songs of Perdition #2) – CD Reiss

I’m out of my book slump! And all thanks to this book 🙂 Use was such a wonderful follow up to Kick… CD Reiss immediately pulls you in with her mastery of words and her clever manipulation of emotions and I was just thrilled to be back in her world.

So it begins right where Kick left off. Elliot has quit his job at the Center and Fiona feels adrift without him. She has a new counsellor but she can’t bring herself to confide anything to anyone. She still has no recollection of why she stabbed Deacon though some bits and pieces are forming in her mind… On the other hand, Elliot is worried about his attraction to Fiona. He cannot be attracted to his patient, yet she’s all he can think about. He wants to help her, but he’s afraid of being too close… and there’s still Deacon…

Kick was a 5 star read for me and this one upped the ante! It actually feels wrong to give it 5 stars because it deserves more. It’s unapologetic and raw and with that hint of a mystery that everyone wants to uncover. Why did Fiona stab Deacon? I’m a huge fan of mysteries so I devoured this one as slowly as I could so as to solve it without hearing it from the horse’s mouth… and I loved every minute of it.

Fiona is still broken. She is still ruled by her addictions, but with some help, she it starting to come to some realisations. She deserves more… maybe a normal life, maybe a man like Elliot. But Deacon grounds her, he lets her be…. can she really move on from him? Another thing I love, love triangles! CD Reiss has created a brilliant one where I move from one guy to the next in matter of pages 🙂 But seeing as Deacon has some Dutch roots, as do I, maybe I’m rooting for him 🙂

I’ll mention that you can read this series without having read the previous ones… though why you haven’t read the previous ones is beyond me! They are equally brilliant, wonderfully written, though I would say this is the grittier one of the three.

So if you haven’t yet discovered CD Reiss, get out from under that rock and start reading Beg, or Spin or Kick… thank me later.

5 stars!

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I’d like to thank the author for providing this copy for my review.

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