Book Review – The Saint (The Original Sinners: White Years #1) – Tiffany Reisz

Officially a favorite of 2014! Tiffany Reisz writes BDSM Erotica… actually scratch that, she writes like no one else can. It’s thought provoking, it’s clever, it’s witty, it’s steamy… I just never wanted this book to end!

As we know by now, The White Years take us back to the time when Nora and Søren met. She was almost 16, in a Catholic Girls High School, living with her mother and questioning the existence of God. Her mother coerces her into going to church to impress the new priest. See, her fees are paid by the church and with a new priest, things might change. Nora agrees to go to church only because she learns that the new priest drives a Ducati. Once there, she sees him. Father Marcus Stearns, or Søren as he introduces himself to her. She falls in love with him immediately. He’s hot yes, hotter that anyone she’s ever seen… but also, it feels like fate, like they’re meant to be. Two problems; he’s a priest and he’s 29.

We know how their story goes because we’ve of course read The Red Years, but this was the insight into their relationship I had been longing for. The Saint is all about their beginning, what it was that drew them to each other. How strong their connection is, and this for me was vital. I was one of the few who were convinced that Nora should try a normal relationship (until I read The Mistress of course.) But in The Saint you realise that these two are soul mates.

“There are three eternal truths about me you have to know: I love Søren. I belong to Søren. And I will go back to Søren.

I absolutely enjoyed this book. I loved the moments of desperation, where they want to be with each other so much but couldn’t. I laughed out loud when they bantered and ached when they ached. It was just one of those books where the author manipulates your emotions just right. Where you feel everything she intends you to feel. Even when I warred with myself about some things… some caveats if you will that I actually should discuss…

One: As a former Catholic girls high school student, I guess my experience with the book is different from that of your average reader. It has nothing to do with religion, or maybe it does, I’m not sure. I just feel as though Søren is potrayed more as a god. He does have his many flaws but overall I feel like even those are meant to show us how absolutely miraculous it is that he overcame them to be this perfect being. Which is strange because he’s actually far from perfect. I felt like Nora treated him as if he walked on water…

This was what she’d wanted since the day they met. She’d wanted to serve him, to kneel before him, to offer herself to be used by him. Every day he sacrificed himself on the alter of the Catholic Church -gave up his time, his wealth, his freedom. That she could give this one thing to him, the pleasure of using her, and she would give it with all her heart, body and soul.

She basically worships the man… I mean, there were things he did, things he said that made me absolutely swoon for him but the way she spoke about him made me feel a tad weird. Again, these are just my feelings, to each his own.

Two: Nora keeps leaving a trail of broken hearts. Sigh… it makes me slightly angry for some reason. I was a huge fan of Wesley and we all know how that went… and well, let’s just say it happens a second time in this book and…. I mean, she knows she’ll never leave Søren. Maybe that took years for her to understand but she shouldn’t start relationships with other people is my opinion. She just keeps hurting the poor men!

Ok, so I ranted a bit, but I will say this is why I love these books and why I just have to declare Tiffany Reisz my favorite author. This is not just erotica for the sake of steam. It makes me pause and have these weird debates in my head, it teaches me, it scares me (because jeez, Søren is a Sadist with a capital S) and when I’m done, I want to start it all over again because nothing I read next will measure up.

5 stars!

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I’d like to thank the publisher for providing this ARC for my review.

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4 Responses to Book Review – The Saint (The Original Sinners: White Years #1) – Tiffany Reisz

  1. Bennita says:

    Great review. I have to get back to their story. So many books. So little time!

  2. Sarah says:

    Awesome review! I can’t wait to get my hands on this one!

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