Book Review – Kiss of a Demon King (Immortals After Dark #7) – Kresley Cole

I had decided to accept the fact that no one could compete with Bowen MacRieve’s story… until now. While he remains my numero uno, Rydstrom sure gave him a run for his money!

So this is Rydstrom the Demon King’s, story. Rydstrom is on his way to meet his brother Cadeon so that they can travel together to get the only sword that can kill Omort. By now we know that Omort is running Rydstrom’s kingdom and we know that Omort cannot die. So everything rides on this mission. However, on his way to meet Cadeon, Rydstrom is tricked and kidnapped by Sabine, Omort’s half sister.

Sabine is the queen of illusions, and she creates one to capture Rydstrom to take him in Tornin, Rydstrom’s Kingdom now run by Omort. Once there, Sabine is to seduce Rydstrom and get him to impregnate her. Sabine already knows that she is Rydstrom fated mate and she’s hot, so seducing Rydstrom should be a piece of cake. Only she didn’t count on Rydstrom’s strong will. As much as he wants her, he wants his kingdom back… and the battle of wills begins.

This book was HOT! Sabine spent her time doing everything she could to get Rydstrom to bed, and she was very creative 😉 And then when Rydstrom gets to turn the tables… wowza! Let’s just say it’s a mystery that my iPad didn’t catch fire!

Their affair progresses beautifully… from constant seduction, to fighting, to finally succumbing to their feelings for each other. And Rydstrom just stole my heart. Just like the other men in this series, he is an alpha male with the sweetest of hearts. He fell hard for Sabine…

“I want you to feel something. For me.” And then he was above her again, clutching her nape. “Because you’re clawing my bloody heart from my chest!”

Ah, the feelings! He gave it all. See, since losing his crown, he’s had only one mission; to get it back. He’s gone centuries without his female… he’s had to sacrifice finding her in order to reclaim his crown… and now that he finally has her, he wants to keep her. Forget that she’s a sorceress, forget that she lies and steals and is the opposite of what he thought he would get, he wants her. She’s different, she’s tough and she’s his, so he’ll do anything to keep her.

“I’m in love with you, Sabine. You told me I needed you,” he said desperately. “I do. Freely, I admit it.”

And just when they can finally be together, fate decides to twist their tale. Something is brewing. Something meant to keep them apart, and there’s little that Rydstrom can do to keep his mate. An absolutely thrilling ride!

Oh and I have to say, not only did Rydstrom take me back to my favorite heroes in this series, Sabine took me back to my favorite heroines (Kaderin and Mariketa). She was strong, funny and determined… yup, book #7 and I’m still in love with this series!

5 stars!

Amazon Buy Link -> Kiss of a Demon King by Kresley Cole

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