Book Review – Devil’s Game (Reaper’s MC #3) – Joanna Wylde

I’d been looking forward to Em and Hunter’s story since they were introduced to us in Reaper’s Legacy! Their story was clearly going to be a modern day version of Romeo and Juliet…

I’d given almost a decade of my life to the club. Never complained, never held back. I’d done terrible things for the Devil’s Jacks. I’d keep doing them, too. All I wanted in return was one thing. One girl. Of course it had to be the girl who could start a war with a phone call…

See, Em is the daughter of the Reaper’s MC President, whereas Hunter is a member of the Devil’s Jacks, the Reapers’ sworn enemies. Add to that the fact that Hunter kidnapped Em… and things don’t look like they could work out for these two.

Their story begins right before the kidnapping… and we finally get to know what exactly was going on between Liam (Hunter) and Em. I enjoyed these two. Em is really her father’s daughter, she was no nonsense the entire time and the kind of heroine you root for. Hunter is deliciously sexy and we get to find out about his background and how he turned into a Devil’s Jack.

I will say that Em is my favorite heroine so far in this series… she stood her ground and fought for their relationship… and there was a lot of fighting seeing as nobody was thrilled that she’s dating the enemy. Add to that a series of incidents that result to the two groups  pointing fingers at each other… and let’s just say, these two had their work cut out for them.

Em didn’t fight singlehandedly though, Hunter was right there with her.

“We’ll have shit come up, fight, whatever. But you’re mine now. I won’t be sharing you, I won’t be leading you, and I sure as fuck won’t let the Reapers take you away from me.”

Unfortunately, because of the incidents and threats of ‘going to war’, these two were not together as much as I’d have liked. It seemed to me like most of their relationship happened via the phone… of course when they did get together the chemistry was off the charts… but I wished for more of these scenes. To me it had a ratio of 60 – 40, 40 being them actually together and 60 being the clubs’ infighting… so I was left wanting more.

Luckily we have the humor and authenticity that is the trademark of this series, so this was a worthy instalment. I’ll end by saying that Ruger still holds top spot as my favorite biker in this series 🙂

4 stars.

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I’d like to thank the publisher for providing this ARC for my review.

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