Book Review – Wicked Deeds on a Winter’s Night (Immortals After Dark #4) – Kresley Cole

I said before that the men in this series get better and better and Bowen MacRieve proves that right. I swooned more for him that I have for any fictional man… ever!

So you guessed it. Wicked deeds on a Winter’s Night is the story of Bowen Macrieve. We first met him in book #2, as Lachlain’s best friend. Bowen has lived through centuries of loneliness and sadness due to losing his mate Mariah. In book #3, he entered the Hie to compete for the ultimate prize, a time travel key. He hoped to use it to go back to the night his mate died and save her. His book starts during the Hie, where he finds he’s very attracted to Mariketa, a young, mortal witch. He’s sure she’s used a spell to enthrall him because as a Lykae (werewolf) he’s meant to have only one mate and though she’s dead, he cannot be attracted to another. Hasn’t been for centuries.

“For one hundred and eighty years I’ve no’ touched another.” He leaned in closer to her. “Have never even given a woman a second look. But now I  canna seem to keep my hands off a slip of a witch,” he rasped at her ear. “A witch who has me feeling like I’ll die if I doona find out what it’d be like to kiss her.”

Because he wants to win the Hie without distractions, he traps Mariketa in a cave, but not before she casts a spell on him, he’ll hurt like a mortal and cannot regenerate from any wounds.

As you know from reading book #2, Bowen doesn’t win the Hie, in fact, he’s trapped in a cave slowly dying, not knowing that Mariketa is also slowly dying in the cave he trapped her in. But he vows to go back to her and kill her for costing him the competition. Only when he does go back, he finds he’s still attracted to her. She feels like his mate, which is not possible since one cannot have more than one mate in a lifetime. He wants her to break the spell, but starts doubting whether it actually is a spell. Maybe, just maybe, he has the chance to find love again.

“Doona bring me back to life only to destroy me once more.”

Ah, his story! A hot tortured warrior finds love again? I was sold from the beginning! And before I continue gushing over Bowe, we have Mariketa the Awaited, believed to soon become the greatest witch anyone has ever seen. Unfortunately, she is still mortal and can’t control her powers.

These two were hilarious together. If they were not fighting or kissing, they were teasing each other. I loved it. She was a lovely heroine. I loved that she kept him in check. And of course Bowe could not help but be possessive of her.

“I doona share what’s mine. No other males. Only me. It’ll only be me for you.”

But of course she wonders if he can truly be hers. After all, he’s suffered for so long because of his mate’s death. She wonders why she always comes second, and if he could truly want her given the choice to get his mate back.

It was a beautiful love story. But of course, not merely that. Mariketa is awaited to do something huge. And she finds her destiny is nothing short of impossible. So we get action and drama in the midst of all the romance and steam 🙂

I’ve tried to read other genres in the midst of all this paranormal addiction but have failed. Nothing can top these books, these men, their women and their stories… So onto book #5 I go. But I’ll leave you with more of Bowen.

“They question why I have no’ found a way to die after my loss. I want to take you among them and say ‘This is why I kept going, you sods. And look at my reward.'”

Sigh… This man. So happy he got his happily ever after, even though he had to go through hell to find it.

5 stars!

Amazon Buy Link -> Wicked Deeds on a Winter’s Night by Kresley Cole


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4 Responses to Book Review – Wicked Deeds on a Winter’s Night (Immortals After Dark #4) – Kresley Cole

  1. Bennita says:

    Bowen was my fave too!

  2. Karen says:

    I’ve read this whole series and to me it remains the best of this genre.

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