Book Review – The Wild Side – RK Lilley

I’m a huge RK Lilley fan, so when she dared me to walk on the wild side, I signed up immediately! And man what a ride! I’m writing this review in a bit of a daze… a monster cliffhanger that has me salivating for the next book!

The Wild Side is a novella serial about Alasdair, a 40 year old successful author. Alasdair is recently divorced after 20 years of marriage. He’s a bit hard on himself and a lot lonely. He goes to the gym daily in what seems to be his only addiction. The only thing that shows that he’s still among the living. In the gym, he’s noticed a girl. A hot blonde who comes in at the exact same time he does, and works out for the exact same hours he does. And though the gym is huge, she always chooses the treadmill next to his. He’s noticed all this, but mostly that she is way too young for him, so he keeps his distance. Until she flirts with him, and their story begins.

Iris is 24 years old, and a mystery. While we learn everything about the reclusive Alasdair, Iris remains a puzzle. She doesn’t talk much about herself and reveals nothing. Alasdair is happy with a physical relationship so he doesn’t push.

She was a wild thing, and I wasn’t sure I wanted to know what all that wildness might entail. I liked this little fantasy of mine, where she only acted like this for me.

The result? Erotica like I haven’t read it in a long time. Pure unadulterated smut. I’ve read everything RK Lilley has written and I can’t believe I was still shocked. It wasn’t exactly what they did (because she’s written crazy scenes we all know), it was just how much they did it. Wowza. But there’s more…

She was just too much. Everything my bruised ego and trampled heart needed to start to mend themselves.

Yes, Alasdair finds he’s starting to need her for more than just the physical. And so there I was, fanning myself and thinking this is the absolute best guilty pleasure, when the emotion kicked in. The drama. And my heart started beating loudly. I was just like Alasdair, not worrying too much about solving the puzzle that is Iris, until everything came crashing down. Who is this girl? What exactly does she want from Alasdair? He’s hot and rich so there is the obvious, but there just seems to be more to her.

She was young. I was old. She was wild. I was tame. What on earth were we doing here? How the hell would we ever fit into each other’s lives? The answer was simple and bleak. We didn’t and we wouldn’t.

There’s a lot going on here… RK Lilley has done a great job of slowing building up the anticipation and leaving us at fever pitch. I can’t wait for more!

4 stars!

Amazon Buy Link -> The Wild Side by RK Lilley


I’d like to thank the author for providing this ARC for my review.

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