Book Review – Point of No Return (Kathleen Turner #5) – Tiffany A. Snow

The moment I read book #1 in this series, I was turned into a romantic suspense fan. Nothing better than things blowing up all around a love story 🙂 But this turned out to be a different kind of love story, one with not just one man, but two.

Two brothers, Blane and Kade, both having fallen for the same girl, Kathleen Turner. After all those near death misses, after finally admitting she just might love two men, it’s time for Kathleen to choose in this last instalment in the series.

I was in an unwinnable situation. In love with two men – two brothers – and the consequences of that would hurt us all.

I have to say, I for one didn’t want her to choose. I was the loudest advocate for polyandry… why can’t she keep them both? But alas, she had to choose. And it’s a long way to that decision. Both men with such different qualities, yet in the heart of it, love for her and a will to do anything to give her a good life.

“Sooner of later, you’ll choose,” he whispered. “You’ll want one of us more than you don’t want to hurt the other. And you’ll choose. I want to be the one you can’t live with out.”

Sigh… I of course won’t tell you who she chooses but she took her sweet time. I actually felt for the two men. I mean, I get it’s a difficult situation and I would have been just as confused but the way she went back and forth just didn’t feel fair. But, alls well that ends well.

And of course this is not just a love story… someone is up to no good and this time we get more than one villain. Kade is up to his usual sexy no-one-messes-with-kathleen mode and Blane is the one with his head on straight. But they both want the woman and the competition is on. The heat was off the charts… much more than in the other books…

It’s hard to write a spoiler free review so I will say this, a wonderful conclusion to the series. One brother gets the woman and the life he’s always wanted, the other… well… let’s just say I hope the other one gets a novella or something just so he can get his HEA.

4 stars!

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point of no return

I’d like to thank the author for providing this ARC for my review.

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