Book Review – No Rest for the Wicked (Immortals After Dark #3) – Kresley Cole

He stared out into the rain, realising he’d been wanting her all his life. Even before she’d become all he had.

I was pretty sure Lachlain from A Hunger Like No Other had ruined me for all other fictional boyfriends. Then in came Sebastian tempting me with his cave man ‘I must have you’ possessive nature and I was sold! In fact, I dare say the men get better and better in this series. Which is no mean feat seeing as Nikolai from book #1 was already perfect.

No Rest for the Wicked introduces us to Sebastian Wroth. He was found dying during battle by his brother Nikolai. Nikolai, had already been changed into a vampire and could not bear to see his brother dying. So against Sebastian’s wishes, he changed him. Since then, Sebastian has been living in seclusion. He hates that he’s a vampire and cannot bring himself to mix with humans.

This is how Kaderin the Cold Hearted finds him. She is a valkyrie who relishes killing vampires. She’s alerted by villagers about a vampire and she goes with the intention of killing him. But something mysterious happens. She’s drawn to him, and not only that, his heart starts beating, which can only mean one thing… she’s blooded to him.. his mate, his one and only. And their story begins.

Sigh. I’m just loving this series more and more! I’m a sucker for possessive men and the fact that these particular ones have only one mate, makes them even more possessive. Willing to kill and die for their mate. And that is exactly what Sebastian wants. But he’s unexperienced… with war, his shyness and then his seclusion, he hasn’t had much experience with women, but he wants Kaderin bad.

“I can give you what you need, I swear it,” he grated, even as he cursed his lack of experience. He’d figure it bloody well out. “Just let me have you.”

Sigh, he wanted her bad. And his shyness just made him that much sweeter. Kaderin on the other hand, cannot believe it. She hates vampires and has spent all her life hunting and killing them. Add to that the fact that she’s about to compete in the Hie, an immortal version of The Amazing Race, she needs all her wits with her.

During times like this, Kaderin was expected to be ridding vampires from the earth, not riding them.

Ha! It became another battle of wills. Sebastian doing everything he could to win his mate. And I mean everything, from doing the impossible, to saving her life and to risking his. He was a man after my own heart.

Kaderin on the other hand is possibly my best heroine in this series…. she’s strong and badass. She has one goal, to win the Hie and save her sisters. She has no time for a love sick vampire 🙂

Until, well, they make time and there are fireworks like you couldn’t imagine! These two heated it up… but mostly, their love story just sizzled. It was incredible.

I’ve now caught up to this world and I can’t tell you how much I’m enjoying it. It feels so good to suspend my beliefs and get caught up and surrounded by these incredible males who would do anything for their females. (I wonder if I can get my male to read it for tips 😉 )

5 stars!

Amazon Buy Link -> No Rest for the Wicked by Kresley Cole

no rest

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