Book Review – Still Life with Strings – L.H Cosway

This is quite possibly my favorite contemporary romance of 2014, so far. Contemporary Romance is admittedly not my favorite genre, so I rarely find one that I can’t put down. I read the first chapter of this book and I knew I wouldn’t sleep till I was done… it had this beauty and magic and positive vibes…. just incredible.

Still Life with Strings is the story of Jade Lennon. She grew up in the Liberties in Dublin (just like the projects) and is the guardian to her younger siblings after her mum died of Cancer. She holds down two jobs, sometimes more. She works at the Orchestra House as a bartender/ticket seller. She is also one of those street statues, you the ones, the still ones that get money from passersby.

One day, she notices a man staring at her. She’s on the street doing the statue thing, so she doesn’t move, but she studies him back. Once her gig is over, the guy comes and asks her out for a drink. He looks sophisticated and nice, but she doesn’t do relationships, so she offers him a one night stand, thinking she’ll never see him again. Only, he’s the new violinist at the Orchestra House… and their story begins.

This is what I call a feel good book. It had tough subjects, both hero and heroine had overcome tough issues, but still there was so much light in the book. The kind of book that makes you believe in everything good. See, though Shane and Jade are from different sides of the track, they are so similar in everything that matters. Though they’ve been let down by people they loved, though they’ve had to overcome so much in their young lives, they still have an air of innocence around them. Something not even the bad could touch.

How fortunate I was that our paths crossed. I’ve a feeling that having this sad, lonely, loving man in my life is going to change it irrevocably.

And he does. And she changes his too. They support each other and free each other from their memories, from loneliness… and the best thing is, it’s all fated. I’m one of those people who like to believe in such things. Everything is just more magical that way, and theirs was definitely a magical story.

Yet, even as magical as it was, they felt like real people. It all felt down to earth and possible… even with the coincidences that some might deem unlikely.

I have to say, it was exactly what I needed. If ever you’ve felt jaded about everything, pick this book up and it will remind you of the goodness, the possibilities and the magic around.

5 stars!

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still life

I’d like to thank the author and net galley for providing this copy for my review.


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5 Responses to Book Review – Still Life with Strings – L.H Cosway

  1. jeanniezelos says:

    I loved this one too Jesus. Have you read her others, painted faces is a great one. Romances with drama and a dif spin from this talented author.

  2. jeanniezelos says:

    oh yes you must, i love painted faces, and there’s another which i thought i wouldn’t like but did. where a girl meets up with her freind to stay a while and the freinds brother who was a real bully to her when they were kids is also staying..can’t think of the name..the nature of cruelty. then of course there’s the fab paranornmal sereis Tegan’s power etc..brillinat author IMO. I’ve just read three review books and though they were each ok they weren’t anything special, and i hate reviewing when books don’t really grab me cos i know authors put so much into a book, but these were just middle of the road, ok ish type, like my mums old M&B’s of the 70’s and there’s notihng i can say thats going to sound good 😦 my fault – i chose them but they sounded more fun.

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