Book Review -Tempted – Megan Hart

I’m a huge Megan Hart fan. Her book Broken is my favorite book ever, and the others I’ve read are all 4.5 – 5 star reads. That was until I came across Tempted. Sigh…

Tempted is the story of Anne, married to James. They have a really good marriage, intact. Anne feels too lucky to have found a man like James. One day James gets a phone call from his childhood best friend, Alex. He hasn’t seen Alex since their big fight when they were 21. And now Alex is coming to visit and needs a place to crash. Anne immediately has a crush on Alex and soon finds out that her husband doesn’t discourage it… actually he’s more than willing to share. And so their fling begins. But things of this nature are bound to be messy…

Is it adultery when it’s not a secret? When there are rules? Can you be unfaithful to someone who’s given his permission?

I’ll start by saying that the book is really well written, witty even. Megan Hart does not disappoint on that front. What disapointed me though, is the storyline. I hate knowing the secrets before the heroine does. I just felt I knew where all this was going… and now that I’ve finished the book I can tell you that yes, I knew.

Second annoying thing was Anne. I’ve hated many heroines for a variety of reasons but I don’t remember hating one as much as I did Anne. My biggest annoyance was that she was a liar. She, married to the sweetest guy, but lied about everything. Even things where it would have been easier to tell the truth. Lying aside, she was also just terrible… PMSing all over the place, starting fights… gah! Poor James!

I also felt as if we didn’t get the full story on James and Alex’s relationship. And to be honest I was rooting for these two – make it an MM story and spare us the headache that was Anne! Then there were the stories involving Anne’s sisters which to be honest did not interest me one bit.

This one just did not do it for me. And Anne takes the crown for most annoying female ever.

2.5 stars.

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