Book Review – Kick by CD Reiss and Still by Alessandra Torre (Bend Anthology)

Kick (Songs of Perdition by CD Reiss)


Kick is the story of Fiona Drazen, a 23 year old with a huge problem, and that’s an understatement. Fiona wakes up at a mental institution where she’s told that she stabbed her lover twice in the chest. She has no recollection of it. She is given 72 hours of evaluation and if she can convince her therapist that she is fine, she’ll be released.

But theres more to it than that. She’s a wild child, drug addict and the media knows her well. So she just might be getting out of the institution to face the law. Her story is told in the present – at the institution, and the past – as she recollects her BDSM relationship with Deacon, her Dominant. The purpose: to try and jog her memory of what happened the night she stabbed him.

In usual CD Reiss style, the book is brilliantly written. The words flow, the story builds up to a mighty crescendo, and we’re left with a cliffy. And though it’s a short novella, we get to connect with Fiona, sympathise, and in my case, pity her.

There is heavy subject matter packed into those pages… Drug abuse, sexual addiction and heavy BDSM. It was shocking to even me because I can honsetly not relate… But the author did a good job of laying it bare. No mincing of words or glossing over… It was there in all of its realness.

I’m curious to see how CD Reiss cleans this one up, because this girl needs it.

5 stars!

Still by Alessandra Torre


Still is the story of riley, a souther girl on vacation in the Bahamas with her girlfriends. She meets a man, Bret, and the attraction is immediate. Bret is not only hot, he’s also a gentleman and she hasn’t been with a man so long…

She can’t deny the attraction she has for him and she succumbs to it. To a night of passion the likes she’s never seen before. However, they both know that their time is limited, and Riley is not sure she’ll ever see Brett again.

I enjoyed this novella. Alessandra Torre has such an each way with words. It was really fast paced as novellas tend to be. However, though the story itself is fast paced, I enjoyed the easy way it flowed. We find out a lot about the life Riley lives. We understand why she seeks the excitement of a one night stand… and really, who can say no to Brett? Yet Brett remains a mystery. We don’t get to know much about him…

 It seems to be a prelude to a full novel and I’m curious to learn more and see where it goes.

4 stars!

NB: The two novellas are part of the Bend Anthology.


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