Book Review – Warlord Wants Forever (Immortals After Dark #1) – Kresley Cole

I’ve been in a paranormal romance mood for quite a while now, so I decided to read all the favorites and if there’s one name that keeps coming up as a must read, is Kresley Cole.

I picked up Warlord Wants Forever not sure what to expect. It begins with a prologue explaining about the Valkyrie (preternatural beings). I can honestly tell you that I had to read that prologue three times. Not only was it boring, it also felt like information overload. I wondered if I should continue with the book, but one friend gave it 5 stars and we almost always agree, so I decided to overlook the prologue and give the rest a go.

I am so glad I stuck to it. We are immediately introduced to Myst, a Valkyrie, and Wroth, a vampire. The vampires need to be blood mated and only one female exists for them. (Imagine how possessive that makes them!) Wroth has forever searched for his blood mate and is surprised to find her in Myst. But Myst is a being he can’t quite figure out. He doesn’t know what she is, but is drawn to her.

He was the walking dead. No respiration, no heartbeat, no sexual need – or ability. Not until he found his predestined Bride and she ‘blooded’ him fully. With his blooding, something inside him, some essence – maybe even hi soul – would recognise her as his. He would see her as the one he was meant to spend eternity with, the woman he could love without measure, if one believed in that, and his body would wake for her.

On her part, Myst knows everything about Wroth and the vampires. While she’s attracted to him, she also has her kind to protect. Because her kind loathes vampires. And so their story begins.

It was much more erotic than I expected. Actually very much so. I enjoyed the love story and the steamy scenes though I have to say that it will take me a couple of books to understand the world Kresley Cole has built. The book is incredibly short, it was filled with information about the world but again, it was a bit too much for me at a go. I couldn’t even tell you who the enemies are…

Because of the length (or lack of), everything progresses really fast. Their love affair and everything else happens too fast which was a bit of a pity. I wanted to spend more time with the possessive and sweet Wroth.

To anyone like me who can’t get past the prologue, just go to chapter one. It’s important to learn the legend of the valkyrie but I figure I’ll understand it as I go. I’m going on to read book #2 and I’m hoping to start a love affair with the series. Book #1 was too short for me to really fall in love.

3.5 stars.

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12 Responses to Book Review – Warlord Wants Forever (Immortals After Dark #1) – Kresley Cole

  1. Belle of the Library says:

    This is actually just a novella. You should try Hunger Like No Other if you’d really like to give this series a shot. There’s a lot more plot in the main books.

    • I actually just finished Hunger Like No Other… LOVED IT!!! I’m reading everything on your list Belle… anything more?

      • Belle of the Library says:

        Psy-Changelings are one of my very favorites. First on is Slave to Sensation. Have you read that one?

      • Nope! I’ll try it next then. I was thinking of Guild Hunter or Fever Series… have you read those?

      • Belle of the Library says:

        I read most of the Guild Hunter series and they just weren’t as good as the Psy-Changelings, so I was a little disappointed. I actually enjoyed the highlander series Karen Moning wrote and I don’t usually like period stuff, so I’m planning to read the Fever series myself. I did start it once and was just too busy to get into a new series.

      • so Psy and Fever it is… I’m wishing I could change this to a Paranomal Only blog… kinda annoying that I have to read anything else to be honest 🙂

      • Belle of the Library says:

        Haha. I do love paranormal, but sometimes they burn you out, so I know I can alway get a recommendation here. The only bad part of the Psy-Changelings is that they really have to be read in order, which means you’re 10 books away from Snow’s story. But Mercy and Riley? Wowza. Do people still say wowza? If not, they should read Branded by Fire and they’ll start.

      • lol… I still say wowza! And that’s the thing with PNR series…. they have to be read in order so i have like 50 books to go in every series… unless, wait, can I skip the Immortals After dark ones? If so which was your favorite?

        Then I’ll get to Mercy and Riley… luckily nowadays I’m accepting very few reviews and blog tours so I’m reading whatever I like… back to it being fun again 🙂

      • Belle of the Library says:

        Meh. You really can’t jump around in either. If you ever read Karen Moning’s Highlanders, that one you can hop around in, but not the Psy-Changelings or IAD. Stuff really starts to take off with the Accession in IAD’s later books and a couple overlap in time periods. My favorite was probably Lucia’s story. Oh! You just said few recommendations, but you like dark stuff. Have you ever read Larissa Ione? She has one series about the Four Horseman and I’m not gonna lie, it’s disturbing at times, but really interesting.

      • Larissa Lone? I’m intrigued. I’ve seen a couple of her books on the paranormal section… gah! I have like a million books to read now… which is more like yay! 🙂

      • Belle of the Library says:

        ione. With an i. She also wrote the Demonica seties, also dark and ALMOST had too much sex for me, but it was interesting. The Four Horseman one just seems more fluid.

  2. Belle of the Library says:

    It’ll also seem like a lot less info was shoved down your throat and they’re actually fairly lengthy.

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