Book Review – At Graves End (Night Huntress #3) – Jeaniene Frost

It says a lot when I read other books quickly just to get back to my favorite. When I’m halfway through a book and pause only to buy the next in the series. This is by far the best series I’ve read all year… and possibly….

At Grave’s End is the third book in the Night Huntress series and begins with a now married Cat and Bones. They are both still fighting vampires but this time old friends have become enemies and old enemies, friends. But how can they decide who’s who? Mencheres, Bone’s grandsire is sure a war is coming, so soon all vampires will have to choose sides. Then there’s the other matter of Tate. He’s still in love with Cat and he’s making it known every chance he gets, pissing off Bones in more ways that one.

Again, another stellar installment in the series. I was on holiday reading it and pissing off my boyfriend because I couldn’t put it dow! Even installed the kindle app on my phone so I could sneak in some reads during dinner without alerting him 🙂

So why did I enjoy it so much? I’ll start by saying that I thought nothing could top book #2. I carried that mentality throughout the first 30% of the book. I was of course enjoying myself immensely but I now hold Jeaniene Frost at such high regard I thought the first parts were just… good. Not exceptional. Then it picked up pace and I became completely enthralled.

First theres the relationship between Bones and Cat which I love. These two have a chemistry that doesn’t even need steamy scenes to feel. But yes please to the steamy scenes! They are very few (two) and not as detailed as the famous chapter 32 in book #2, but boy are they hot! I loved a jealous Bones (all courtesy of Tate), he became very possessive and I was cheering all the way 🙂

“I love you, Kitten. There’s nothing on this earth or under it that can change that.”

Ah, Bones! Add to that the arrival of yet another old vampire hell bent on killing Bones. Fuelling another rollercoster ride of mind reading vampires, flying vampires and a war that raises up the dead. Yes you read that right, they raised up the dead!

It actually moved further into the realms of urban fantasy and a bit more gory than the first two.

Anyway, enough rambling. I loved the book and I’m about to start Book #4. Perfect scenario is me not having to read anything in between till I finish all the books in the series and start on the next series!

4.5 stars!

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2 Responses to Book Review – At Graves End (Night Huntress #3) – Jeaniene Frost

  1. Cara Thereon says:

    I love this series (and the spin off). I just ordered the most recent and am waiting to read it.

    • Absolutely loving it! I’m not interested in the Denise spinoff those, and I’m a bit worried I might miss a lot for the other books… I just want to finish this and move on to Vlads…

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