Book Review – Play (Stage Dive #2) – Kylie Scott

And it keeps getting better and better! I actually say that with so much awe not only because I’m wowed by Kylie Scott, but because I’ve never been a romantic comedy fan and it’s turning out that I quite the fan! I usually stay away from romance books labelled as humorous but this book made me reconsider. I laughed my way through 80 percent or so of the book. And it was awesome!

Play is the story of Mal. We met him in Lick as the funny, playful and super sexy drummer for the rock group Stage Dive. In Play, he meets Anne, a girl next door type who happened to be invited for a party at David’s house. He immediately starts joking around with her. Next day he moves in with her asking her to be his pretend girlfriend. Why? In his words…

“I’m a fucking delight to have around. Plus I’ll open jars and lift heavy shit. I hear those are issues for women.”

Lol. Ok no, that’s not why he needs a pretend girlfriend. We don’t really have a clue in the beginning. Anne agrees to do it, and let’s be honest, it’s no hardship, everyone and their mother have a crush on Mal. And that is how their story begins 🙂

It was hilarious which I’d expected having read the first book in the series, Lick. But this one upped the ante. I had serious laugh out moments and immediately liked Anne. These two were seriously made for each other. The banter and wit had me reading this book every spare moment I got.

But of course not everything in their lives is hunky dory. There’s something Mal is hiding from everyone which sees him having some down moments from his usually playful self. Add to that the fact that Anne comes from a terrible background and these two have their conflict.

I loved that even the super playful Mal had an emotional side…

“I’m missing a beat, Anne. I can feel it. Shit ain’t right.”

I looked up into his beautiful face. My heart breaking for him. “I know. I’ve got you.”

Ah! I loved these two! I will say that I wished their erotic moments were less chatty and more… we’ll, you know 😉 but all in all a fun read. Had it’s heavy moments but nothing too angst. Plus with all the humor it turned out to be the kind of read I needed.

4 stars!

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One Response to Book Review – Play (Stage Dive #2) – Kylie Scott

  1. tdhassett says:

    I adored Lick so might pick this one up. My TBR list is like looking at the human genome mapped out!

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