Book Review – Breaking Joseph (Knives and Flowers #2) – Lucy V. Morgan

I wanted him with something more than abandon – conviction. Now, this other emotion blossomed and it gave depth to my desire. I wanted to know every inch of him, to be his living map and his willing canvas. I’d never thought of love as a want to submit, and yet there I was, surrendered before I’d even touched him, and something other than my pulse uttered the command.

I couldn’t love this book more! Incredibly written, incredibly smutty, incredibly funny, incredibly heartfelt… going to my favorites shelf, that’s for sure!

Breaking Joseph is the second and last book in Leila’s story that begun in Breaking Leila. I admittedly wasn’t Leila’s biggest fan after what she did to poor Matt, but I couldn’t stop thinking about the book. In Breaking Joseph, we join Leila in New York where Joseph is paying her to sleep with him for a week. Of course Matt is on the trip, and so is Aidan (I love Aidan so much!) Matt is incredibly hurt from his break up with Leila and as much as Leila regrets the whole thing, she is now enjoying being with Joseph.

The sun will rise in a few hours and one way or the other, I’ll be forced back into the black and white world. I could be Leila, who is on a glamorous trip to secure her job as a proper lawyer. Or I could be Charlotte, who is on an extended job with her last client, and is blurring at the edges a little more with every fuck. When I wake up… who will I be?

Joseph, the Chairman of the Whored, the smart, rich, handsome and unapologetic man who now just might want more than a week with Leila.

Originally, I thought Joseph was nothing like my other clients. Wrong. He’d come to sate the more forbidden desires and had ended wanting something on another level. Only two things separated him from the other men I’d fucked for money: I hadn’t expected him to ask for anything else and I longed to give it to him all the same.

I absolutely enjoyed their story. I still felt for Matt but finally understood why Joseph and Leila were so drawn to each other. Two sides of the same coin.

“I want… I want to own every inch of you so that you beg to be allowed others. Sweet little things we can tease and torture together, men who wish you moaned their names like mine. I don’t think monogamy is physical Leila. I don’t think you do, either.

I absolutely loved how they came together. How they wanted each other, even healed each other through it all.

We never made love, and we never really fucked anymore, but oh, we cast spells and fought battles.

Sigh, so beautifully written! I have to say that the book is incredibly and unapologetically smutty. Pack-your-bags-and-move-into-a-huge-fan hot! But also described as dark in that there is some edge play… blood play… well, be warned. But it is also lightened by the laugh out loud humour and the sarcasm. It was such a beautiful mix of everything I love.

And that’s not even talking about the heartfelt moments. The moments where Leila learnt to deal with the whore side of her that is Charlotte. The moments where she realised her feelings for Joseph, the moments where her two sides warred with each other, and the moments where she triumphed, whole.

I cannot say enough good things about the writing. I remember checking my kindle twice, at 52% where I breathed a sigh of relief for having another huge half to go, and at 70% where I despaired for almost reaching the end.

Again, going to my favourites shelf. A definite must-read.

5 stars.

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breaking joseph

I’d like to thank the author for providing this copy for my review.

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