Book Review – Deceptive Innocence: Pure Sin Part #3 – Kyra Davis

This series… where to start? Kyra Davis calls it Pure Sin, I call it Pure Perfection!

This is the continuing story of a woman, Bell, seeking to destroy the family that framed her mother for murder. But now she’s fallen for the man she wants to destroy. Lander. It’s not just sex now. She’s falling in love.

“For the first time in my life, I find myself craving something else. I have a new dream, one that doesn’t directly involve revenge. For the first time I find myself longing for the torture of love.

And he’s fallen for her too. Is he as evil as the rest of his family? Can she put her feelings aside and avenge her mother?

I have to say that nobody writes like Kyra Davis does. She reminds me a bit of Sydney Sheldon, mixing all this mind blowing intrigue with love. Where the women are beautiful achievers… yet there is that extra erotic bonus. I absolutely love it.

But back to the story. Bell has ran into complications that are interfering with her plan. Not only that she now doesn’t feel comfortable destroying Lander… but also because she’s starting to realise that Lander is just like her. maybe even more dangerous. We’ve known for some time now that there’s something more to Lander, but Bell hasn’t even begun to scratch the surface.

Lander has his own plans, plans that I know nothing about despite all my research. I should never have made him a target. Targets should be simple, like Jessica, who is the equivalent of a red bull’s eye; to take her down all I need is to keep a steady hand and a focused eye. Or like Travis, who is a hawk: difficult to shoot, but easy to spot and identify.

Trying to make a target out of lander is like trying to shoot an entire colony of killer bees. Destroying him, even containing him, may be nearly impossible, and yet I suspect that he has a unique ability to destroy.

Add to that Travis’ mounting suspicions and the involvement of the Russian Mafia. It spins into something not even Bell can contain.

I have to say I wonder what readers think about the end of part #3. I for one will read anything Kyra writes and hope there’s much more.

4 stars!

Amazon Buy LinkDeceptive Innocence Part #3 by Kyra Davis


I’d like to thank Pocket Star for providing this copy for my review.

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