Book Review – Spin (Songs of Corruption #1) – CD Reiss

I’m a huge fan of CD Reiss. Her Songs of Submission series is perfection! So of course I was excited to read this book. I’m also a huge Mario Puzo and Sopranos fan and when I found out that this book would be Mafia themed, my excitement metre shot through the roof!

Spin is the story of Theresa Drazen and Antonio Spinelli. Theresa is a trust fund girl with a good job and a cushion-y world. She was engaged to the District Attorney who’s now running for Mayor. He cheated on her and they broke up, but she’s still in love with him. Until she meets Antonio Spinelli or Spin for short.

He was beautiful to me. Not my type, not at all. But the slight cleft in his chin, the powerful jaw, the swoop of dark hair falling over his forehead seemed right. Just right.

Their attraction to each other is immediate and strong. Spin wants her, but there’s one problem. Spin is in the Mafia. They’re worlds apart. But they’re drawn to each other and soon enough, not even their worlds can keep them apart.

I loved this book for a myriad of reasons. No one can do wit and banter like CD Reiss can. This is why I was immediately hooked. I love how fast the dialogue is. How clever it is. It’s my favorite thing about her books. Then bring in the mafia guy with the street talk and the god-complex and I’m sold. He was bad… not bad-boy, killing and beating up people bad. And I loved how different he was from dainty Theresa.

Then bring on a heroine I love and I was a goner 🙂

“I won’t deny I’m attracted to you. I’m sure I’m not the first. But I’m not a conquest. I don’t like being chased, especially not through the offices of WDE. This is my job, Mr. Spinelli, not a mouse hole. You can’t stick your paw in and hope to catch me. I don’t care to mix business with displeasure.”

Ha. I loved her. I thought of at least one guy I should have told that mouse hole bit to 🙂 But as strong as Theresa is, when she falls, she falls hard. And when she went for what she wanted, it was full steam ahead.

I had to do what I wanted, and I wanted to feel alive again. He was like my drug, and I would either get hit or go into withdrawal, but I wouldn’t abdicate my right to chase him.

And who wouldn’t want Spin? The dirty mouth on him..

“Tonight and after, you’re mine. Your first loyalty is to me. Every moan on your lips. Every wet drop from your cunt. When the thought of fucking crosses your mind, it’s mine.”

But with their lives so different, when deaths are connected to Spin, and Theresa’s scorned ex wanting revenge and the Mayor’s seat, it’s one thing after the other coming to destroy their relationship.

“Are you sure you can love a man who’s damned?”

“Only you. Damned or saved. I want only you.”

I loved their story (though it isn’t over.)

I will say that I have some caveats, mostly involving the structure of the Mafia and Spin’s role in it. Is he a Capo or a Consigliere? Is he a Made Man or not? It seemed to me as if the two were intertwined into one role. But maybe I’m jumping the gun here and everything will be explained as their story unfolds. And anyway, that will only be confusing to those addicted to Mafia stories like I am.

All in all, a mix of everything I love. Romance, Steam, Intrigue… Definitely looking forward to the sequel!

4 stars.

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I’d like to thank the author for providing this copy for my review.

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4 Responses to Book Review – Spin (Songs of Corruption #1) – CD Reiss

  1. Kelly says:

    Is this a whole new series like Beg or is it a trilogy? Do you how many? Thanks

  2. Kelly says:

    awesome. It doesn’t leave you on a cliffhanger right? I can read it without having to worry about when the next one comes out…

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