Blog Tour: Book Review + Giveaway – Undone – Rebecca Shea

“I don’t do romance, I don’t do relationships, and I definitely don’t do love.”

Landon Christianson was first introduced to us in Unbreakable. He was a domineering tortured bad boy with tattoos and I couldn’t wait to read all about him. We finally get his story!

Landon has never let anyone in. He also never sleeps with the same woman twice. Then he meets Reagan. She’s not only beautiful, but intelligent and independent too. He wants her. That’s not new to him. What he doesn’t expect, is how much he starts needing her.

“I’m going to break my rules for you, Reagan.”

And he does. Only, a few problems remain; he doesn’t want to share anything about his past. But Reagan starts proving to him that she intends to stay, and breaks down all the walls he’d built over the years. And while things are going well, he can’t help but be convinced that he’s going to hurt her.

This was another heart rending story from Rebecca Shea. These two characters have gone through a lot. And trusting does not come easy. And while Reagan is attracted to Landon, she already has her own tortured past. And Landon has already made it clear that he never stays with a woman. So she has to singlehandedly fight for them.

Landon is a complete puzzle – and I hold in my hand only a small handful of the pieces that i need to put him back together. My fear is that I’ll never have all the pieces I need.

I loved that she fought for their relationship. That she held strong even when he couldn’t, when he didn’t.

“Trust me,” she whispers again. “I won’t hurt you. I won’t leave you.”

Sweet sweet contemporary romance. It will make you hurt, might make you shed a tear, but it will definitely have you rooting for these two.

I do wish it had a bit more for it to be a perfect read.

3.5 stars.

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I’d like to thank the author for providing this copy for my review.


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