Book Review – Second Chances – T.A Webb

“We can try this. I won’t put any pressure on you, but make me a promise,” I whispered to him.

“What?” he rasped out.

“Don’t fucking leave me. Don’t break my heart.”

Sigh, what a sweet sweet book! I had had it with annoying heroines so I decided to read an MM book. This turned out to be the book I needed. Very emotional yet steamy in parts 🙂

Second Chances is the story of Mark Jennings. Mark’s mother is in hospital, dying from Liver disease… add to that a stressful job plus the fact that his boyfriend Brian cheated on him – Mark is at the end of his wits. He decides to get a massage to relax, and that’s how he meets Antonio. Antonio and Mark become fast friends, Mark admittedly has a small crush on Antonio, but Antonio is straight.

The book is told in Mark’s POV, in a span of about 10 years or so. It is a highly emotional book… I’ve only read two MM books before this and both were heavy on the erotica… this one is more emotional… heartbreaking… a touch too dramatic if you ask me (more like a soap opera at times) but all in all I enjoyed myself. Why? Because Mark is the kind of guy you root for. Having gone through so much, lost so many important people in his life… you just want him to find his bliss.

What I absolutely loved is how heartfelt the book was. I enjoyed seeing Mark and Brian’s life… Antonio learning about himself… Robbie (a foster child) getting a second chance at life… it was all very beautiful… and very sad at times. Again, I will say that some of the things were a bit much. I didn’t find Antonio and Mark’s meeting natural… seemed too weird to me. Then the whole Robbie and Jacob thing was a bit much… and the epilogue, again a bit much… but overlook these things and you find yourself a beautiful story of forgiveness and love.

4 Stars.

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