Book Review – Sex Love Repeat – Alessandra Torre

Phew! That was some rollercoster ride! The short of it? Very original AND you won’t see much of it coming. Now for the long of it…

Madison is in a relationship with two men. Now now, before you run off calling her some unbecoming names, she loves them both. PLUS, they both know of the other’s existence. See, Madison loves sex, is unapologetic about it. One man would not be able to keep up, so she has two. The relationship is easy. The two shall never cross. But they say all good things come to an end. And this one is not exempt.

I have a lot of respect for Alessandra Torre. I’ve figured out the underlying theme for all her books and I for one love it. The heroines are sexually empowered. They are not weak, not pushovers… they make their own decisions regardless of what society thinks about it. Don’t you just wish more book heroines were like that? Not to mention real women? But I digress. There are a lot of women who will not like Madison’s choices… I for one thought she can do whatever she wants 😉

I hate society’s notion that there is something wrong with sex. Something wrong with a woman who loves sex. I’ve loved sex for as long as I can remember.

Ha. Atta girl! Especially with these two men. I mean, who would want to choose? I’m sorry, I’d be just as greedy as Madison 🙂 There’s the intense Stewart. Billionaire, hardworking… and too busy to provide madison with anything more than a quick romp in the sheets once in a while.

Stewart lives in the east-paced world of downtown Hollywood, rarely leaving the blocks of the city unless jetting off for work. He works a hundred hours a week, sleeps six hours a night, and fucks the hell out of me the rest of the time. His needs are minimum: food, sleep, and sex. I take care of one of those.

Then there’s Paul, the surfer dude. Sweet, loves and gives with his whole heart.

I instantly liked him, had one of those at-peace realisations that ‘this is a good guy.’ The type so good that women run over him, the type so good that he is often stuck in the friend-zone. but this guy? With his gorgeous looks and the I-will-fuck-you-in-this-line-right-now-vibe? No woman was stupid enough to best friend this man.

They both love Madison, both accept the presence of the other, but one has more trouble dealing with it… and the other? The other is too confident he has her to care about another man.

I really enjoyed this book. A well thought out, well written, original storyline with jaw on the ground revelations. And the steam factor? Volcanic 😉

I however, have to mention one caveat which I’m not sure I can truly delve into without revealing too much, but I’ll try. I found one character’s… let’s say storyline… a tad too dramaticized…. deceptive even. I think now that I’ve had time to think about it, I appreciate the author’s way of ‘deceiving’ the reader… calculated and cunning so we don’t see the bombs dropping. I feel I have to discuss this with those who’ve read it to hear their views.

Other than that, I say bravo…

4.5 stars!

Amazon Buy LinkSex Love Repeat by Alessandra Torre


I’d like to thank the author for providing this copy for my review.

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