Guest Book Review: In The Moment (Moments #1) – Olivia Jake

After reading the blurb, I was curious about the author. In the bio, Olivia Jake clearly outlined her life experience in the entertainment industry. She had observed so many peers working; driven to succeed and losing part of their lives due to devoting everything to careers. They were not allowed to rest, relinquish any focus for fear of falling behind or not being good enough. They could not show any deference as that would be a sign of weakness.

Having some personal experience in this industry, it rang very true causing me to have a special eye for this read.

Our main character, Sam (Samantha) Davis is 39. She has had a very successful boutique ad agency based in Los Angeles. She has a spotless reputation of producing smart campaigns for her clients; with full service provided by her teams of experts but always controlled by her. Sam has created her own little family comprised of her two boys; pit bulls she cares for as her babies. Although attractive, she is not out being wined and dined; instead she is happy to workout with daily runs, meetings and her “babies”.

Sam and her creative director, Steve, are to do one of the most important pitches for the company. This is for a new programing network called “the Network”. It is owned by the charismatic French founder, Laurent Roman. He is known for his success in the industry. Control is synonymous when articles are written about him. At 45, he is established; his presence is suave; groomed with strength and piercing eyes.

As they presented to Laurent, the current running through Sam was buzzing. First, these types of pitches are usually done with a room full of executives, not just the owner. Then Laurent decides to address Sam by her actual name, Samantha. This throws her a little off as no one has called her that since childhood. She continues the pitch with Steve, however, during the entire time fighting her distraction caused by this powerful man. Once they are done awaiting some type of feedback from Laurent, he gets up says thank you and walks out the door. Both Sam and Steve are shocked by this dismissive behavior. They chock it up to a job well done and will regroup on Monday.

Sam goes to a little bar not far from Laurent’s office to settle herself from the experience. She notifies her office and proceeds to unwind. Laurent tracks her down and surprises her there. The bitter taste of being dismissed is still on Sam’s tongue so seeing him is not something she is expecting. He flirts, toys with her and then tells her they won the account. This is the beginning of a relationship which will challenge them both.

The book covers the development of their relationship. The concern Sam has of keeping business and personal separate is a major theme. She worked too hard for too many years to have it destroyed by a relationship with a client, especially a powerful playboy type. She also has never had to take into consideration how someone else might feel about everyday decisions she makes.

Laurent cannot be denied. First, they connect through work. He likes things done his way, without question. From the beginning, he set the tone; she was to obey all he asked. As a client, she understood… she was working his account.

Yet, he would be demanding of her, as the Flirty Frenchman;  as the taskmaster and then the man who wanted her.
He pushed and she found herself wanting him to lead.
She found herself wishing to please him.
She found herself wishing to have him touch her; kiss her and in her dreams he did that and more.

The turning point in their relationship happens in France when they visit Laurent’s mother. He asks Sam to pretend to be his girlfriend for his mother’s sake. She complies and pretend becomes their fairy tale reality. Both of them connect on a level neither of them thought possible. He sexually awakens her more submissive side and he really becomes caught in the web of real caring.

What I really appreciated in this book was the concept of grown people connecting, working out differences and confronting them no matter how difficult. Both of these people had lived; they had habits and needed to adapt and adjust for each other. Both alternately had to confront the problems they were having to make this work and they did.

They were very hot, steamy and consenting together. She was willing to try all of the things Laurent wanted to do and the author handled it smartly.

This was such a surprise; I felt it was well written with a direct voice. It is a stand alone with a continuing story if you wish to follow their relationship. Olivia Jake made me want to know more about Sam Davis and Laurent Roman. I will click and read Moments Lost and Found to see how they do.

4 Strong, Independent, Successfully Driven, Insightful Stars * * * *

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Wendy has reviewed before for JBC and I was so stoked to have her back 🙂 You can find more of her reviews on Goodreads under Wendy’sThoughts.


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