Book Review – Staking His Claim (Line of Duty #5) – Tessa Bailey

Tessa Bailey’s Line of Duty Series has become a guilty pleasure 🙂 I’m absolutely addicted to her dirty talking heroes!

Staking His Claim is the story of Matt Donovan, an NYPD sniper. Matt is sent to collect his best friend Brent’s younger sister from college. He’s pretty sure he’ll hate the experience, I mean, even Brent finds his younger sister Lucy, a nuisance. But Lucy is anything but. Instead, she’s cute, bubbly, intelligent and just a ray of sunshine. But Matt has issues, dark desires that he knows will dim the light in Lucy.

Sunshine streamed in through the kitchen window, picking out the strawberry coloring of her hair, the entire scene a brutal reminder that she was everything he wasn’t. A beacon of light while he stood across the room in the shadows. Everything inside him pushed him toward her, needing to touch that light, but he rebelled against it, convinced it might dim with his influence.

Yes Matt has had a tough life… add to that his predilections… so as much as he wants her, he has to keep his distance…

I enjoyed this latest instalment. Thing is, Tessa knows how to write dirty talking alpha males, which as it turns out, I absolutely love 🙂

I want to tie your delicious little body up and f**k you. For hours. Until the goddamn sun comes up.

Yup! Tessa knows how to get my engine roaring! 🙂 I will warn you though, that after reading 5 books in this series, I’ve come to expect a lot of things from her writing. Which means no surprises and nothing particularly groundbreaking. It’s formulaic, girl meets boy, girl sleeps with boy, girl fights with boy, boy grovels, happily ever after.

However, even with those caveats, I enjoy the books. I do wish sometimes that we’d get a longer, deeper, angstier story. I’m also not the biggest fan of insta-love stories. But now that I know what to expect, I read these books for the fact that I’ll get to meet another alpha male who’ll rock my world with his words and his naughtiness 😉

Now I will point out that while the dirty talk rocked my world, the entire story felt a bit forced. First, Matt’s predilections make him feel absolutely awful about himself… yet in all honesty, it wasn’t dark at all. It felt to me as if the author could have written a deeper story, at least allowed us time to feel Matt’s torture. However, for some reason, it was just hinted to us and then lightly explained.

I mean, I get that these books never really delve deep, but this was the one opportunity to do so. That being said, I love the idea that these strong men are always brought to their knees… and the epilogues always bring a smile to my face.

“You brought me to life when  didn’t realize I’d stopped breathing.”

3 stars.

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I’d like to thank Entangled/Brazen for providing this ARC for my review.

Line of Duty Series


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2 Responses to Book Review – Staking His Claim (Line of Duty #5) – Tessa Bailey

  1. Michelle says:

    Tessa is the Queen Mother of dirty talkers!

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