Book Review – Deeper (Caroline and West #1) – Robin York

“I wanted you from the minute I saw you,” he says. “I want you right now, and you can barely stand me. I can barely stand me, so I don’t know why you put up with my shit, but even right now, when I hate myself and you’re pissed at me, I still want to push you down on the bed and take off your shirt and get inside you. Get deep inside you, and then deeper, until I’m so deep I don’t even know what’s me anymore and what’s you.”

I’ll start by saying I loved this book. It’s the kind of writing, the kind of narrative I enjoy because it’s funny, it’s sweet, it’s sad, it’s beautiful. It’s told in both Caroline and West’s POV and it feels as though they’re talking to you, making you understand their choices, making you hurt for them, root for them… connect with them… again, just beautiful.

Deeper begins with Caroline receiving a text from her best friend and roommate Bridgett. Only a few words that change Caroline’s life. See, pictures of herself having sex with her ex-boyfriend Nate are all over the internet, complete with her name, school and address. Caroline has always been the good girl – good grades and a life plan that most can’t conceive at 18. Her dad is a judge, and she wants to follow in those footsteps – college, law school then maybe Public Office. But no one’s going to take her seriously when those photos are still circulating.

Caroline decides to lay low. It’s not much of a decision, she just feels she has to. She just wants to be invisible. To forget all the name calling, all the disgusted looks, to just get through college. But then there’s West. They’ve had chemistry from the moment they met, but Caroline had Nate… and Nate notwithstanding, West is known to have shady dealings. If Caroline wants to be invisible, West is definitely not the person to be involved with. But she’s drawn to him, he’s drawn to her… and maybe, just maybe, he can show her that fighting is better than hiding.

I’ve read only two other books prior to this that have given me chills… and this one has officially joined that tiny list. Again, it’s the almost lyrical prose… the way I identified with caroline, even though her reality is nowhere near my own. I hardly ever identify with heroines and so when I do it’s a huge cause for celebration. Not only was Caroline funny, she was clever, driven… my favorite kind of heroine.

It should go without saying that I loved West.

Braced over me, heating me up, breathing against my neck, he feels like a guy who’s barely keeping it together. A guy who would beat the living shit out of the wrong someone if the wrong someone happened by, but who’d rather spend the rest of the afternoon and half the night fucking the right someone raw.

Yes, he was that kind of guy 🙂 Incredibly sweet… fighting to better his life from the circumstances he was born with, fighting to distance himself from a reality that has him bound… having grown up way to early, and having one true knowledge… that he can’t continue fighting and have caroline both.

The problem with Caroline isn’t that I want her. The problem is that I want to help her, want to learn her, want to fix her, and I can’t do that. I can’t get caught up with her, or she’ll distract me and I’ll wreck everything.

But he wants her so badly, needs her… and he’s so tired of never having what he wants…

This is an absolutely heart wrenching story. Dealing with a tough subject – revenge porn. I have to admit it’s something I never thought much about. At the back of my mind I always thought that if you allow a man to take naked pictures of you then you should expect the worst in this day and age. However, it was easy to see how mistakes get made. I found myself really rooting for Caroline, really hoping for a way for her to fight this injustice…

We also get the developing love story between Caroline and West. Some will say that it’s formulaic of the New Adult genre… and maybe it is… but the author’s writing is something I don’t see often. It basically kidnapped me and I lost sleep because I couldn’t stop reading. I will say that it is a bit too detailed. There were parts where I thought that we could already move on… but by the time I reached the end, I had nothing but love for this book.

It leaves off on a cliffhanger of sorts… well not really, but we will get a sequel. And I will be the first in line to see Caroline and West get the happy ending they so much deserve.

4.5 stars.

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I’d like to thank Bantam for providing this ARC for my review.

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22 Responses to Book Review – Deeper (Caroline and West #1) – Robin York

  1. Kelly says:

    Sounds like another great book. How much of a cliffhanger are we left with? Is it a couple cliff or a situation cliff?


  2. Belle of the Library says:

    I’m cheating. I’m asking you. Does everything turn out with Liv and Dean? Does he get fired for the false sexual harassment charges?

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