Book Review – Rock The Beat (Black Falcon #3) – Michelle A. Valentine

This is one of the more known rockstar series, so I was more than excited to meet the members of the Black Falcon band.

This is the story of Trip Douglas, the drummer of the band. He’s decided to branch out and invest in a business. Which is how he ends up in Arizona trying to bail out  failing motocross business. This is how he meets Holly. Holly is straight out of a break up with a motocross racer. She feels as if she goes for the wrong guys… wrong badass tattooed guys. Exactly like Trip. So she’ll definitely stay away from him, no matter what.

I’ll start by saying that this is my first Michelle A. Valentine book. I debated on starting with book #1, but since they are all stand-alones I decided to skip the rest. Bad bad decision. It CAN be read as a stand alone, so that wasn’t the problem. The problem is, it seems from my inquiries, that the other two books are much superior. This one didn’t do much for me unfortunately.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s an incredibly sweet story, just very simple. There’s a tried and tested formula that the author has followed – that indeed works, but I prefer books that push boundaries. I feel as if this one did not. It was sweet, it was sexy and even a bit sad. But nothing made my heart beat harder, nothing made me shed a tear, nothing got me steamed up…

… yet I read on… because again… it is a sweet story. Just too textbook for me.

I think I’ll give the first books a try. I don’t want to judge the entire series on this one book.

2.5 stars.

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