Book Review – Tracks (Rock Bottom #1) – Sarah Biermann

I went into this book expecting the usual rock star romance story, but was pleasantly surprised. Unlike most, this one deals with the not so glamorous side of dating a rockstar…

Dylan has always been a straight A student.Her biggest dream? To study law at Harvard. And the dream comes true. She moves to Boston with her best friend Theresa, her life all mapped out. On the first night however, she goes to a rock concert, front row seats to see the biggest rockstar – Jeremy Mason. And it’s love at first sight. A whirlwind romance ensues, but it’s not all smooth sailing. Jeremy is hiding a huge secret, and one thing’s for sure, their budding relationship might not survive it.

I really enjoyed their story. Two different people finding common ground, and love… exactly the kind of story I love. Dylan, with her life figured out… and Jeremy, poor Jeremy, so so tortured. He tugged at my heartstrings every time he spoke…

“Make love to me,” he almost begs, in a low sweet voice. “No one makes me feel this way.”

Sigh, but he has major issues 😦

“You said…” he barely continues, “you said you would hold me together. That you wouldn’t hurt me.”

I seriously felt for him. I saw what the issues were a mile away but I couldn’t fault Dylan for not seeing them. She was a bit (a lot) oblivious but I’m an avoider myself so I could understand why she didn’t want to face what was right in front of her. What bugged me though is the decisions she made once she realized something big was up.

Yes, I may be a little nuts. But I love him, and I want to know all of him. If marriage is the way for him to let me in, to prove to him I won’t leave, then I’ll do it.

Say what? You’ll get married to him even though you know he’s hiding something major from you? You’re supposed to be a straight A student, attending Harvard Law! And don’t tell me love is blind unless it’s damn right stupid too! Sigh…

That being said, this was a sweet, albeit difficult story – deals with a heavy subject matter. I enjoyed it but I wasn’t completely swept away. It doesn’t end on a cliffhanger, but it doesn’t end either, these two still have a long way to go to get their HEA.

3.75 Stars.

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I’d like to thank the author for providing this copy for my review.

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