Book Review – Big Sky – Kitty Thomas

It had been such a long time since I read dark erotica. I was starting to itch with the need for a psycho-thriller, mind-fuck, downright insane kind of ride. And boy did I get it. I wouldn’t expect anything less from Kitty Thomas.

Big Sky is the story of Veronica Cason. A bid deal ad executive living in New York. She’s accumulated huge debt due to her love for shopping. She’s on the verge of declaring bankruptcy when the worst happens, she’s fired from her job. Then comes in a handsome cowboy, Luke. He offers her a job at his ranch in Vermont.

She could choose to stay in the city and try to put her life back together, She could end up pulling it together and having a happy ending, or as a prostitute in an alleyway strung out on heroin. Similarly, if she went with Luke, she could end up safe and happy or in a hole in the ground. It was impossible to know which choice would result in her death, but she felt certain one of them would.

Luke is willing to let her make the choice to work for him.Until he decides to be less generous on the ‘offering’ and takes her by force.

And there begins my favorite theme in dark erotica – Stockholm Syndrome. I’d read reviews where this book had been likened to Comfort Food in it’s brilliance and darkness. I was so excited to read it because I’d absolutely loved Comfort Food. And while I see where the comparisons lie… I felt very different about this one. I’m not big on humiliation and Luke definitely was. I felt so uncomfortable reading it. And just when I thought things couldn’t get worse for me, Luke becomes kinkier. I’m not sure if writing his type of kink on my review would be considered a spoiler, but you’ll definitely get it from other reviews.

I just felt weird the entire time. Mind you, I couldn’t stop reading. Thing is, Kitty’s book are so well written… and I was looking for the shock factor. I just didn’t realize I might not be so good at handling it. Maybe it’s because I haven’t been shocked in a long time… maybe it’s because I’d read too many fluffy romances to soften me… either way, if the intention was to shock me… then bravo Kitty.

Now, there’s also an underlying story here – reason as to why Luke abducts Veronica. I just thought it was creepy. He was definitely unstable.

Thing is, with dark erotica, I don’t go in expecting a hearts and flowers romance. Do I still wish them some semblance of happiness? Yes. And while none of the books I’ve read in this genre so far are intent on happy endings, I like the ones where the heroines find happiness in their choice – The Erotic Dark, The Dark Duet, Wanderlust, Take Me Break Me… are some of the books that come to mind. In fact Comfort Food by Kitty Thomas also falls in there.

But back to the story. Veronica is confused about her reaction to Luke. She’s afraid of him but turned on at the same time. As a feminist, she hates being degraded the way she is by Luke. But she realizes that her vanilla love life could never compare to what she feels in his hands.

But then, no one had touched her like Luke was touching her. He touched her like she’d been brought into the world solely for his use, like her entire existence was meant to please him. The proprietary way he stroked her was clearly the only way she could come.

As insane as Luke was, I at least understood that he wasn’t stable enough to make rational decisions. But Veronica’s decisions shocked me. I will not say much more. If you like uber kinky, Master/slave stories with elements of Stockholm syndrome, then give this one a try. I’m off to find a fluffy romance!

3 stars.

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2 Responses to Book Review – Big Sky – Kitty Thomas

  1. Cara Thereon says:

    The book is a bit of a head trip. I enjoyed it, but it’s different for sure. That shock factor you mentioned is real shocking. Still, I liked this book.

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