Book Review – The Dumont Diaries – Alessandra Torre

This is a series of 4 novellas that I’ve decided to review in one post, though separately.


Love seems to be set aside for those who deserve it, for those who plan ahead, are responsible, those who recycle and donate a dollar to the March of Dimes at the supermarket register. I’m a non-donater. I’m the girl who spends that spare dollar on a candy bar instead. I don’t deserve love.

To Have introduces us to ‘Candy’, a stripper. Though she had an ordinary life growing up, she made bad choices in the past which is how she ends up as a stripper.

Poor Planning. That would be the title of the book of my life. Poor Planning. Or the title could just be – How I Became a Ho. Either way, it’d be a depressing ass book.

She’s broke and lonely, until he comes to the picture. Tall, dark, handsome and very rich. He requests for her and pays exobitantly for her services. Then one day he comes back with an offer that’s hard to refuse.

I really enjoyed this first novella. Think Pretty Woman meets Fifty Shades of Grey … a prostitute, a handsome rich guy and a contract 🙂 It was very short – 60 pages or so – but in those few pages it manages to grip the reader. 

Intense and very sexy…. though it doesn’t give us enough time to really connect with the characters. It leaves off on a cliffhanger which is why I intend to read all 4 at a go.



To Hold begins with an already married Candy. Only she is no longer Candy the stripper but Jennifer Dumont, married to billionaire Nathan Dumont. Nathan is however not the Christian Grey I had originally pegged him to be. He is more of a villain :/

Control. It is a food that Nathan feeds on, devours with a vulgarity that clashes with his smooth exterior. He wants to control me, and he wants an audience- an audience that he controls in the process.

He is controlling and manipulative… but he remains so much of a mystery.

I love his eyes. They are the only way I can read him. His body gives so little away; he controls his emotions so well. But his eyes are traitorous to his carefully maintained control.They blaze when he is angry, they soften when he is yielding, and they grow heavy with need when he is aroused.

Though they continue to heat it up in bed, Candy continues to be lonely… she’s attracted to her husband but he wants very little to do with her – contractual obligations only. Enter Drew, Nathan’s bodyguard. He’s seen it all and can’t help but want Candy…

I have no idea where this series is taking us! I have so many questions! What are Nathan’s intentions? How and why did he choose Candy? Is there a love story in any of this? So so fascinating! Onto the next!



He is a sickness. A virus that I cannot combat.Despite his incredible talent at being an asshole, I want his touch, want his approval. I want a cure but fear I would hesitate to take the medication.

Till Death seems to be the book with all the answers! Just when I thought I knew where this was going, Alessandra Torre throws us another curve ball. So our bad boy Nathan is not so bad after all – back to being Christian Grey 🙂 I should probably not compare the two because there’s so much more happening in this story. So much more suspense and intrigue…

Candy, or should I say Jennifer, wants answers. And she finally gets the whole story. Only she doesn’t expect any of it. Problem is, she finally sees the real Nathan… and if she thought she was falling in love before… this new Nathan will be the death of her!

Now she’s caught in a love triangle… Drew is still in the picture. But is it really a love triangle when Nathan is still not an active player?

I believe,with all of the rules involved in my life, that my heart should have some. It shouldn’t be allowed to care for a man who is incapable of loving it back. It shouldn’t be allowed to care for a man who puts my father’s well being at risk. And it shouldn’t be allowed to put me in a position of choosing between the two; it shouldn’t fall for more than one man at one time. My heart, like the rest of my body, doesn’t like to follow rules.

What she knows for sure is that she finally holds the cards… she can now turn the game and get what she wants…

I’m officially an Alessandra Torre fan! Though short, these novellas pack in so much suspense and steam! I truly wish they were full length though… I really don’t want them to end!



Lust is a dangerous thing. It can make you believe things that are not real. It can seduce your mind and lead it blindfolded to the cliff that will be its demise.

Do Us Part is the conclusion to this amazing series and I for one did not want to part with it! It all comes together in this last instalment… but saying much more would be spoiling it for the reader 😦

I will however say that I am the newest member of the Alessandra Torre Fan Club! Her writing is flawless and the way she fuses erotica with suspense is a gift not many have. I do however wish we got closure on a few things…

I think if it was written as a full length novel, I would not be left wanting as much as I do now. I feel as though some parts were rushed, and too much left unsaid… my biggest question? Where on earth was Cecile and why did she steal from Nathan? We don’t get anything on that…. and that’s just one of the many unresolved parts of the story.

That being said, I can’t recommend this one enough for anyone who loves well written erotica that has a dose of mystery and a lot of steam 😉 I’m about to go in search of more Alessandra Torre books 🙂

4 stars!

Amazon Buy Link – The Dumont Diaries by Alessandra Torre

* Please note that this link is for all 4 books. Click on the Individual covers to buy the installments individually. Book #1 and #3 are free on amazon.


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5 Responses to Book Review – The Dumont Diaries – Alessandra Torre

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  2. Kelly says:

    So I am curious. I have read some reviews that say all Nathan wants to do is humiliate her and some of the things he has her do seem very questionable…(offering to his partner). I mean does he ever decide to love her or is it just left questioning?

    • He does that unfortunately but it’s not for long because eventually he does fall for her… Gah! Hope that’s not too much of a spoiler :/ but yeah, it’s not too much humiliation and its not for too long!

  3. Kelly says:

    REALLY that is not the impression I got from a review I read. Ok, I’ll check it out….no spoiler here no worries

  4. So happy I didn’t spoils anything! But please come back and tell me what you think about that person that I don’t want to say 🙂

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