Favorite Book Series Giveaway: Kathleen Turner Series by Tiffany A. Snow

And now for the last giveaway of the year…. give it up for Kathleen Turner, my favorite heroine! I grew up reading Nancy Drew mysteries and case files and was so addicted I hardly went anywhere on school holidays 🙂 Last year I discovered the Kathleen Turner series… much like a Nancy Drew for grown ups… imagine my excitement! I absolutely love this series and I can’t wait to share it with you!


The genre is Romantic Suspense, so expect suspense, intrigue and two very hot alpha males 🙂

Review Notes

No Turning Back: I loved Kathleen just as much as I lusted after Blane. Don’t you just love it when that happens? When we enjoy the heroine just as much as the hero?! You know, the book took me back to the times I enjoyed John Grisham and Jeffery Deaver books. Just as dramatic but steamier. So that’s it, a new love for Romantic Suspense is born!

Turning Point: I’ve mentioned before that I love the author’s way of fusing romance and suspense. I wouldn’t change a thing. So much drama in this book, both in the ‘suspense’ and in the ‘romance’. I’m not sure I can even put it into words. That ending was just incredible….. that last chapter and epilogue…I think my heart broke :( I’m speechless and I rarely am.

Book #4 is out now so this is the time for you to catch up with the first 3! One lucky winner will get all 3 signed paperbacks and one other winner will get all 3 books in Kindle format!

Book Links: No Turning Back. Turn To Me. Turning Point. Out of Turn. Point of No Return.

Enter to win the signed paperbacks by clicking on a Rafflecopter giveaway! Good luck!

Enter to win the Kindle books by clicking on a Rafflecopter giveaway! Good luck!

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40 Responses to Favorite Book Series Giveaway: Kathleen Turner Series by Tiffany A. Snow

  1. Tracy Werner says:

    I haven’t really read any romantic suspense…I look forward to seeing what you read!! Thanks for this chance to win!!

  2. kp says:

    I haven’t read any romantic suspense for a while! Love the sound of this series!

  3. starchaser8808 says:

    I loved the Fatal series by Marie Force (seven books so far) and Marie Astor’s Janet Maple series (three books). Both are great. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  4. Chirstina says:

    I’m sad to say that haven’t read any romantic suspense 😦 hoping i win so i can 😀

  5. carjoh56 says:

    I haven’t read any but these sound really good

  6. Casie Boland says:

    I like Julie miller, her books are always good!

  7. Michelle says:

    My go-to romantic, smexy, contemporary suspense authors are Tonya Burrow, Kaylea Cross, Kerry Connor, Cristin Harber and on the paranormal side – Christine Warren. I still love me some James Patterson, too.

  8. Lea says:

    My favorite genre is romantic suspence. My favorite book so far is Forgiving Lies by Molly McAdams, but I loved BJ Harveys Lost series and Cautious and Disastrous by EL Montes. Oh, and Bec Botefuhr, her books are amazing – witness protection series is awesome..

  9. jodi marinich says:

    i love the Fatal series by Marie Force

  10. ashleigh hazelwood says:

    I havent read many romantic suspense but I did read a few by Marie Force.

  11. Rachael Sauve-Cumle says:

    Hands down, Tiffany Snow 🙂 I absolutely LOVE this series!! Thanks for the awesome giveaway.

  12. Lee says:

    These books are the best I’ve read. Tiffany snow is a goddess with a pen.

  13. Robin the Book Nerd says:

    I like Laura Griffin, Christina Dodd, Cherry Adlair, and so many others books for romantic Suspense books.

  14. Nikki Jones says:

    I’m looking forward to reading these.

  15. Michelle Finkle says:

    This is one of my favorite series. Thanks so much for this giveaway. Team Kade!

  16. kgagnon2013 says:

    My favorite suspense author is Laura Griffin. I love all her books but her Tracers series is really great. 🙂

  17. Bube says:

    Cynthia Eden!
    She has fantastic,unique romantic suspense books,one of the best authors ever! 🙂

  18. Heather says:

    I love romantic suspense and I love the Kathleen Turner series! Two of my favorite romantic suspense series are the By a Thread series by R.L Griffin and There is No Light in Darkness by Claire Contreras.

  19. Margaret says:

    Cynthia Eden is one of my favorites, as well as Laura Kaye, Lori Foster, Kat Martin, Kaylea Cross, Rebecca York, Katie Reus…guess I have a lot of favorites! Check out the Dangerous Attraction boxed set – 10 great authors for a great price which will give you a good sampling!

  20. Have ya ever read the Trixie Belden series? thanks for the giveaway

  21. Cheryl Wataguchi says:

    Tiffany Snow’s Kathleen Turner Series is a MUST read!!! I was hooked after reading the first paragraph of No Turning Back. You find yourself not wanting to put the books down…you end up with little sleep!!! Have fun reading!!!

  22. Sarah says:

    Joey W. Hill’s Vampire Queen series have a few that are quite suspenseful, Beloved Vampire in particular. Thanks for the chance to win! 🙂

  23. Kim Holliday says:

    Too many to really pick a fab and new authors coming out all the time. Lucky us 🙂

  24. Daisy kennedy says:

    Happy New Year! Love this series!

  25. Stephanie D Bruster says:

    I haven’t read an Romantic Suspense novels – thank you for the giveaway!!

  26. Lorena Garcia says:

    Ohhhh, that’s a hard one, I really like the Annihilate Me by Christina Ross

  27. Alexandra A says:

    I really like Sandra Brown! 🙂

  28. Diana Doan says:

    I loved Wait For Me by Elisabeth Naughton!! I highly recommend it. 🙂

  29. Juli Huber Hall says:

    I love Lena Diaz’s nursery rhyme series…He Kills Me He Kills Me Not, Simon Says Die, Ashes, Ashes They All Fall Dead

  30. I love this series also! It is done so well!
    I am not sure if you have read the Dark Brothers series by Bec Botefuhr it was good. I thought.
    The Original Sinners series by Tiffany Reisz It is BDSM but had me on edge there at a few parts!
    There is also the Avoiding series by K.A. Linde…I liked the first two still need to get to the third.
    I am not sure if you are into paranormal books but right now I am reading the Midnight Breed series but every book is about a different guy so it isn’t a series that is just bout one person.

  31. Dawn Ruchel says:

    Maya Banks KGI series is a must read series. Loved them all. Hope u do too. Happy Reading.

  32. bn100 says:

    Don’t have any to recommend

  33. yvonne says:

    Liliana Hart, the MacKenzies

  34. Alex Espinoza says:

    Kathleen Turner series is my favorite.

  35. alejandra says:

    Cynthia Eden hand down rights one of the best romantic suspense, specially her paranormal romantic suspense.

  36. lupita says:

    I love Julie James.

  37. janny says:

    Nora Roberts has so many books, it would be hard to choose a favorite.

  38. alexa garcia says:

    I don’t read a lot of romantic suspense, but from what i have read Tiffany A Snow is top of that list.

  39. Lela says:

    The Consequences series by Aleatha Romig!!!

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