Favorite Book Series Giveaway: Alluring Indulgence Series by Nicole Edwards

Time for my favorite cowboys! This series, rather, these Walker brothers, all 7 of them, will set you on fire… Angsty, funny, erotic… everything I love in a book and then some.


We’ve had Kaleb, Zane and Travis’ story, and now I’m anxiously awaiting Ethan’s! And because I loved these brothers so much, and because sharing is caring 🙂 here’s your opportunity to find out just why this series is a favorite!

One lucky winner will get all 3 signed paperbacks and one more winner will receive all 3 books in Kindle format!

Enter to win both signed paperbacks by clicking on a Rafflecopter giveaway! Good Luck!

Enter to win both Kindle books by clicking on a Rafflecopter giveaway! Good Luck!

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78 Responses to Favorite Book Series Giveaway: Alluring Indulgence Series by Nicole Edwards

  1. Ann Tracy says:

    Thanks for the chance crossing fingers to win would love to win.

  2. Maria Theresa Santos says:

    Kaleb by Nicole Edwards

  3. Candice Royer says:

    I’m waiting for Sawyer to ditch the idea he’s in love with “Kennedy” and realize “Candy” is just what he needs. LOL I am looking forward to all the remaining single Walkers, and then for her to start with the cousins! LOL

  4. Anonymous says:

    all of the Walkers, yummy

  5. alycia says:

    Travis by Nicole Edwards…. but I really think Ethan is gonna be my favorite… Cant wait…

  6. Samantha says:

    Hard to chose just one all of them are totally YUMMY

  7. claudia blagbrough says:

    Zane Walker 🙂

  8. Randi palmer says:

    I’m gonna go with Zane also!!

  9. Fran Swarts says:

    I so love this series. But Zane is my man.

  10. It’s not fair to make us pick one so I say the hell with it I want all the Walker brothers from The awesome Nicole Edwards Thank you for the great chance and if I by chance win you can also pick a second winner I already have Kaleb so someone could have that one.

  11. Yvonne C says:

    LOVE Ethan. All the Walker bros are great though!

  12. Yvette says:

    Travis!!! ❤ Or any Walker bro, really.

  13. Im a Travis fan!!!!…Thanks for the giveaway!

  14. Leah Crowe says:

    My favorite cowboy is Travis by Nicole Edwards.

  15. Dawn Ruchel says:

    My fav cowboy is Holden Maxwell The Gamble (Colorado Mountain #1) by Kristen Ashley
    happy reading

  16. Favorite cowboy – Gunner from Wanted by Kelly Elloitt

  17. Peni says:

    Haven’t read the books so I don’t know who my favorite cowboy is yet. Hope to find out tho 🙂

  18. Federica P. says:

    I love NIcole’s books!thanks for the opportunity!

  19. jessiel62 says:

    Love this smokin hot, sexy cowboy series! Sorry, I cannot pick just one cowboy. Each one of the Walker men have a little something special that draws me to them. They have fried my brain cells cuz, for the life of me cannot think of any other cowboys that might have had a chance of me remembering them.

  20. jessiel62 says:

    One of my fav series for 2013! Sorry I cannot pick just one fav cowboy out of the Walkers or any other. They have fried my brain cells to where I just can’t think sometimes. Thanks for the giveaway!

  21. Lola says:

    Any of the Walker Boys from Nicole Edwards

  22. My favorite cowboy is Zane Walker also, he was just plain YUMMY and I can’t wait to read about the rest of the brothers, they are all drool worthy!

  23. Juli Huber Hall says:

    My favorite cowboy is Kaleb Walker, he was my “first” and best 😉

  24. Stephanie says:

    I haven’t read this series yet, so my favorite cowboy will probably change. Right now it’s Colt from Letting Go by Jennifer Foor.

  25. glam009 says:

    My favorite cowboy is Travis

  26. Bube says:

    Ben McKinnon from Montana Sky – Nora Roberts 🙂

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