Book Review – Try (Temptation Series #1) – Ella Frank

I’ve read Ella Frank’s books before, and they are so sexy I couldn’t wait to witness her first foray into m/m romance. And boy did she rock it!

“So… I like to try a little bit of everything and everyone…. I’d like to try you.”

Try is Logan’s story. Remember him? He was introduced to us in Edible, as Cole’s brother. He’s a man whore – plain and simple. PLUS, he’s bisexual. In Try, he goes to his favorite after work bar – After Hours. He’s such a regular he knows all the bartenders… and has slept with most of them… but not the not the new guy – Tate.

Just when he figured life was going to be easy and hand him a woman to bend over his desk, it threw him a nice fucking curve.

Tate is used to being ogled, and since he works at a bar, he usually works that to his favor – to get more tips. And while he wonders about the guy staring at him at the end of the bar… he appreciates the huge tip he gets, and decides to keep the charm going. But he doesn’t expect the guy to hit on him. He’s straight after all. And what he expects even less, is to enjoy the flirting, enjoy being chased… by a guy. Though to be honest, Logan doesn’t give him much time to think. He chases, and he catches… ever damn time.

Chasing shiny, sexy things was a familiar hobby of his, one he usually enjoyed and excelled at. He went in with only one motto – try, take, top. Try a sample, take the goods, and then come out on top. Never let things get messy.

But things getting messy? That’s inevitable this time round. While Tate is inclined to try… he worries about the consequences. Logan will move on like he usually does… and he’ll be left…alone… confused…

“You’ll get exactly what you want from me, then you’ll be done, and I’ll be stuck on my own, trying to decide what on earth I just let happen.”

But ‘messy’ this time goes both ways… Logan starts feeling more than he ever thought he could…

“I’ve never wanted something more. But with you, I can’t seem to stop myself. I want to look at you and know that  you’re mine, and that terrifies me.”

This is only my second m/m book and I have to say I’m really getting into this genre. This one was different from the first one I read in that Tate is straight and Logan bisexual… but it was no less intense. The steamy scenes…. wowza! Which is why I hesitate to call this m/m romance but rather m/m erotica. Every chapter had various degrees of steam… and steamy scenes could run through two or more chapters. While, I totally enjoyed that 😉 I craved more angst.

Don’t get me wrong, a story like this cannot lack angst. But these two had deeper stories which I really wanted to see better explored. Logan with his abandonment issues and Tate, not only being straight, but from a religious family… I love stories that have a lot of pain, because the happiness seems that much more deserved. And I wanted these two to suffer more… I kept checking my reading progress and started becoming quite alarmed at 70 percent when nothing particularly heavy had been dealt with. I’m used to Ella Frank writing series of standalones and I expected Try to be a full novel. Found out it has a sequel… and from the looks of it… this is where we can expect all the angst.

To conclude, though I have some caveats, I absolutely enjoyed it. Try is well written, the progression of the love story well done and believable… the steam, OFF THE CHARTS hot… I can’t wait for the angst to kick in and make this series a winner.

4 stars.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Does this story end in a cliffhanger?

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