Blog Tour: Book Review + Giveaway – Infinite Possibilities (The Secret Life of Amy Bensen #2) – Lisa Renee Jones

I’m a huge fan of Lisa Renee Jones. I love her brand of Erotic Romance which is so beautifully infused with mystery and suspense, and the Amy Bensen series is no different. Though labelled New Adult, it has steam and suspense and intrigue and mystery… all mixed together so well, it will leave you wanting for more!

Infinite Possibilities begins right where Book #1, Escaping Realities left off. Amy is running from Liam. After overhearing his phone conversation, she’s convinced he can’t be trusted. See Amy doesn’t really remember her past. But since moving from New York to Denver, she’s been having more and more ‘episodes’ where she remembers a piece of her past, a piece of the puzzle if you will, which result to her blacking out. But the puzzle remains incomplete, and for now all she knows is that she has to run away from Denver. Maybe even go back to Texas, where it all begun, and solve the mystery that is her past. Can she complete the puzzle fast enough to save her life?

I don’t know who I’m running from or if I’m wanted dead or alive. I simply know I have enemies and that it’s time I find out why. I will do that by being my own hero and the hero that honours my family the way they deserve to be honored.

And can she do it alone? Is Liam really part of the darkness hunting her?

This is not happening. It’s not supposed to happen, at least not now, not like this. Not when I am no more certain than when I left Denver if he is good for me and I for him. Not when he could be the hunter and me the prey.

The entire book is one big ball of mystery. I was blindsided so much I decided to give up trying to solve the puzzle. Amy starts remembering quite a lot from her past. Her brain clearly repressed a lot in a bid to keep her sane. But now all the memories are pushing out… she starts remembering conversations she overheard, a mysterious man somehow connected to her family… and other suspicious goings-on she witnessed but didn’t pay enough mind to.

However, Amy’s biggest problem is that she has no idea who to trust. She loves Liam. Yes, she’s admitted that to herself. But the conversation she overheard was too strange to ignore. Then there’s Jared and Meg… where do they fit in in all of this?

It was definitely a roller coaster ride. And in all that intrigue lay the developing love story. The heat between Liam and Amy is still off the charts. I just loved these two…

I sink down to my knees in front of him. “I am,” I say, spreading my hand over his tattoo,”infinitely yours, Liam Stone.”

He reaches for me and pulls me to my feet, moulding me close. “Say it again,” he orders, his voice a raspy command.

I smile at this repeating theme. “I am infinitely yours, Liam Stone.” I curl my fingers on his jaw. “Now you say it.”

“You are infinitely mine.”

I glower at him and he gives me a devastating smile. “baby, I have been yours from the moment I laid eyes on you.”

Sigh… I loved them together. And even though trusting Liam was a huge issue, I loved seeing Amy’s journey. And though it is complete… yes, Amy’s secret life is finally uncovered… we do get a 3rd book… not Amy’s book, not Liam’s book… an entity that will surprise you 😉

Another Lisa Renee Jones winner!

4 stars!

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Amazon Buy LinkInfinite Possibilities by Lisa Renee Jones.

infinite possibilities

I’d like to thank the author for providing this copy for my review.


One lucky winner will get a red Inside Out bag and a paperback copy of book #1, Escaping Realities! Just click on a Rafflecopter giveaway to enter! Good luck!

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2 Responses to Blog Tour: Book Review + Giveaway – Infinite Possibilities (The Secret Life of Amy Bensen #2) – Lisa Renee Jones

  1. Sharon's Book Nook! says:

    I just bought this book as I also loved the first in this series. Now I can’t wait to start it. Cheers! 😀

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