Giveaway: Favorite Book Series Giveaway!!!

I haven’t had a giveaway in months! I’d nearly forgotten how much work fun it is to hold a giveaway 🙂

Now here’s the thing, I read so many books that by the time the second book in a series is out, I’ve forgotten about the first. But there’re a couple of authors who’ve managed to not only keep my interest, they’ve kept me salivating for the next book.

With a lot of donations from these generous authors, each week, and the rules may vary, readers will get a chance to win ALL e-copies or ALL signed paperbacks of each series!

The giveaway officially starts tomorrow (Thursday November 21), but for today, check out Jessy’s Book Club on Facebook for the opportunity to win an e-copy of any one of the books listed in the giveaway and a $20 amazon gift card 🙂

Now you must be wondering which series’ I’m talking about…

Line of Duty Series by Tessa Bailey

tessa protecting what's histessa his risk to takeofficer off limits

Alluring Indulgence Series by Nicole Edwards


Real Series by Katy Evans

katy realkaty minekaty remy

Love Me With Lies Series by Tarryn Fisher

opportunistdirty redthief

Nature of Desire Series by Joey W. Hill

joey hoding the cardsjoey natural lawjoey ice queenjoey mirrorjoey mistressjoey roughbranded sanctuary

Inside Out Series by Lisa Renee Jones

if i werebeing merevealing us

Spiral of Bliss Series by Nina Lane

nina arousenina allure

Up in the Air Series by RK Lilley

in flightmile highgrounded

Songs of Submission Series by CD Reiss


Original Sinners Series by Tiffany Reisz

9780778313533_smp.indd reisz angelreisz the princereisz mistress

Dark Duet by CJ Roberts


Consequences Series by Aleatha Romig

aleatha consequencestruthconvicted

Kathleen Turner Series by Tiffany A. Snow

snow no turning backtsnow turn to metsnow turning point

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38 Responses to Giveaway: Favorite Book Series Giveaway!!!

  1. I would love to have to Real series by Kate Evans!!!! I have only gotten to read the first one but love love loved it! Thanks for the chance!

  2. ohiomommy23 says:

    What a great giveaway!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!

  3. Sheila Lord says:

    So many great books there…..

  4. JMossReads says:

    this is an awesome giveaway!

  5. Michelle says:

    Hot damn, Jessy! EPIC giveaway, girl.

  6. Michelle says:

    Reblogged this on Chronicles of a 40-something Nurse Wannabe and commented:
    Amazing giveaway from one of my favorite book bloggers.

  7. cd says:

    Thank you!!!
    Man I keep good company

  8. Anonymous says:

    That’s crazy hot. Awesome giveaway

  9. Anonymous says:

    I read the dark duet twice, it was really good. I just finished Real so it would be nice to win the other two books. U

  10. julie counts says:

    Awesome giveaway

  11. Sara Johnson says:

    Wow that’s a huge giveaway!

  12. CJ Yanik says:

    These are awesome!! Can I have them all 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway

  13. Anita Kingsberry says:

    Very Cool site! Thanks for setting it up! I have read a few of the books you’ve posted here. Loved them all.

  14. Amy Jo says:

    WOW awesome giveaway!! 🙂

  15. dariabriand says:

    awesome give away thanks to all those that put up the books!! muahhhaaa

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  18. Rachelle says:

    Awesome giveaways!! ❤

  19. Jette says:

    Wao Awesome giveaway!!

  20. starchaser8808 says:

    WOW, fantabulous giveaway! You are the best ♥

  21. Megan P says:

    What an awesome giveaway!!! I would love to read several of these series…but am DYING to read Katy Evans series…I have heard soooo many good things about Remy 😉

  22. bridgett says:

    Awesome collections!!!! Would love to read them all!!!! Thanks for the giveaway.

  23. Kristin says:

    Awesome giveaway!!

  24. Kassie Alt says:

    wow this is awesome!!! so many wonderful books I haven’t read yet!

  25. tawnyabentley says:

    I would love the Real series by Katy Evans, or the Original Sinners series by Tiffany Reisz.

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  27. lita thomas says:

    Have heard Original Sinners is the ticket

  28. blpmendez says:

    This giveaway is amazing. All the series above are great. Some I’ve read and some I haven’t but plan on reading them soon

  29. lol…I will take 1 set of each….This is the Coolest giveaway I have seen on FB

  30. Jenny says:

    Awesome giveaway I would really like the real series

  31. For this week’s giveaway – I’ve been wanting to read the Inside Out Series by Lisa Renee Jones for a while; oh yeah! x

  32. Federica P. says:

    Awesome!!!Thank you!

  33. Jamie WAdowsky says:

    Real Series by Katy Evans

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  35. This is an awesome giveaway! I would love to win any of these books, printed of course. I’m disabled and don’t get to buy books very often, so I would be in heaven to win. Thanks!
    Donna Harris

  36. Trish says:

    Inside out series.

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