Book Review – Otherwise Occupied (Evan Arden Trilogy #2) – Shay Savage

I knew to expect the unexpected when I started reading this. But I clearly didn’t prepare myself enough. What a story! I read the prequel, Otherwise Alone, and to be honest it fell somewhat flat. After reading Otherwise Occupied, I can only describe the prequel as a small, undeserving curtain raiser to the main show. And what a show!

In Otherwise Alone, we’re introduced to Evan Arden, hit man for a Chicago mob boss. He meets a girl in the Arizona desert- Lia, but fate has other plans for them. Evan is re-called by his boss back to Chicago. Though he thinks of Lia often, he has a life to lead… and yes, as a hit man, lives to kill. The book follows his assignments, him forming an unlikely bond… and the rest… well, the rest is the craziest ride I’ve had in a long time! Action, suspense… but no… no hearts and flowers romance here.

This book is unapologetic. Evan is a killer. Pure and simple. I could even go as far as saying he loves his job. He’s seriously something else.

Roses are red, violets are blue. I’m just a fucked up hit man, And nothing rhymes with that. 

I absolutely loved getting into his head. It was definitely twisted, dark but with light, funny moments that I absolutely loved. I have so much respect for Shay Savage for writing a book exclusively in the man’s POV and pulling it off so so well. It was very convincing. In fact, killing aside, I felt as if Evan was my buddy 🙂 And his love for his dog was so heartwarming…

Besides, I liked Odin. If he bit someone, and they told me I had to put him down… well, that wouldn’t go over well. I imagined there would be a lot of dead bodies around, but none of them his. At least, not until someone managed to take me out.

But Evan is a tortured man. Having gone through the imaginable has left him incomplete. Hollow inside.

“You endured more than most men ever will,” Rinaldo said quietly. “You’ve had it worse than anyone you ever killed. They died quick and easy. You’ve been dying since they brought you home from that war.

What an original story, where the villain is the hero… no – the anti hero, we end up rooting for. His heroism ended up breaking him. He feels he has nothing more to give. Nothing more to live for. But there just might be some saving grace. And there’s nothing more I want than for him to find it. And just when I thought my heart couldn’t break more for this man, the end happened 😦

4.5 stars.

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otherwise occupied

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