Book Review – Mirror of My Soul (Nature of Desire #4) – Joey W. Hill

“I’ll endure anything for you, angel. Anything.”

Yes, I’m still riding the Joey W. Hill wave and enjoying every moment of it! 🙂 Mirror of my Soul is the continuation of Marguerite and Taylor’s story that begun in Ice Queen. Marguerite is still torn about her feelings for Tyler. She doesn’t trust herself to ‘feel’ for anyone. She’s emotionally cut herself off emotions and only allows herself what she knows she can handle.

“But he’s there… here…” Her fist clutched over her heart, dug into her breast. “And though it makes me hurt so badly, makes me want to hurt him for tearing me apart, tearing me open, I want him there inside me, too. He forced his way in. And every part of me…” She shook her head. “Now I want him so much, I can’t breathe. And I’m so afraid he doesn’t understand what that means. I’m not sure I do and I’ve always had to be sure of everything.”

Yes, Tyler is too much to handle. For starters, he’s a Dom. Marguerite has never considered herself a submissive. As the most revered Mistress at The Zone, no one could have ever imagined her a switch. But she is one. A Mistress to many but only one person can master her. She knows that now. That doesn’t mean she accepts it. See, her childhood was a horror few know of. We finally learn every horrific detail of it. And because of it, she doesn’t want, cannot possibly believe, that she can fall in love or be loved in return.

But in comes Tyler. Sigh… this man. He won my heart over and over as I read the book. A true knight in shining armour. Also with his own tragic story, but one he’s overcome… twice. What he doesn’t expect is to get a glimpse of the same horror with a different face – Marguerite’s.

I truly enjoyed their story. Another dark BDSM tale but one with angels and knights. It was so wonderfully written, so lyrical and flawless I couldn’t help but be entranced in it all. I did have moments where I felt so much for Tyler. Wished he’d gotten someone easier to deal with. Times when I knew that in real life, few, if any men, would be as courageous and as insistent as he was. He truly fought for her. Even fought with her for her… he was ready to take have her however way she came – light, dark and every shade in between.

She would likely panic and withdraw, run from him again, but he knew the way in now. She’d let him into the deepest room in her heart. He was going to win her as often as he needed to do so, even if it was a quest that took forever, that had to begun every day. Until death do they part. Hell. For eternity. No way was she going to get out of this with a flimsy excuse like mortal lifespan.

Such a heartwrenching story. Unforgettable. Almost spiritual in it’s beauty. And my favorite part comes in the form of a letter…

…You’re my angel, my tormentor, my woman, my love. I no longer draw breath without a part of you in the act…..

4.5 stars!

Amazon Buy Link – Mirror of My Soul by Joey W. Hill


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9 Responses to Book Review – Mirror of My Soul (Nature of Desire #4) – Joey W. Hill

  1. Maggs says:

    FANTASTIC isn`t it!!! I just loved these two books and was really glad the story was spread over two books to do it justice. Some really difficult issues dealt with here but in a way that actually seems to add to the story. I have just gone on from these two books to read Joey Hill`s Rough Canvas. Another FABULOUS read. First time I have ever read a m/m book and it was totally amazing. I highly recommend you try this one next!

  2. Joey W Hill says:

    You can’t imagine how it makes an author feel, when a reviewer has this reaction to one of her books – and keys right into what the characters are truly about. This line “He truly fought for her. Even fought with her for her… he was ready to take have her however way she came – light, dark and every shade in between” was just perfect. Thank you so much, Jessy!! I try to keep all my reviews brought to my attention, but this one is very special. Appreciate it greatly!

    Oh, and I’m pretty sure I mentioned the free vignettes on the fan forum, but since I have a terminal case of CRS these days, I’m going to repeat myself. Don’t forget there’s a free download novella there called “Tyler Tied Up”, revisiting these two!

    • Tyler tied up? that I have to read! I’m going through your backlist like a crazy woman 🙂 Thanks so much for these beautiful stories Joey. They’re going into my favorites for sure.

    • Joey W. Hill says:

      It’s definitely one not to miss. I love writing the vignettes, because they’re not for deadline or publisher. They’re just a thank you to all of you, and a “pure fun” exercise for me that gives me an excuse to revisit and hang out with my characters (wink).

  3. Rose Mary says:

    Emma Rose gives away free romance books all the time and they are SOOO good. Her site is

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