Guest Book Review – Cage (Corps Security #2) – Harper Sloan

Excited to have Wendy Metz reviewing today!


Cage is the follow up novel to the series Corps Security by Harper Sloan.

In my opinion, Ms. Sloan has come up with an ingenious plot to satisfy all of the little girl fantasies that have morphed into Big Girl dreams and wishes. When we were little, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty even Little Red Riding Hood all had one thing in common. The magical guy, be it a prince or hunter, would come along and save the day and with that, love the girl. The dream would end with the phrase “and they all lived happily ever after.”

Well, times have changed some of the requirements; we want more than just “being saved”.
We want validation for what we do as people not just love objects.
We want men who can be sensitive yet manly or Alpha.
And most of all we want hot, hot sex that leads to many incredible orgasms.

Harper Sloan has figured out how to deliver this in a way that touches all of the bases.

Greg Cage was introduced to us in the book Axel. He showed all of the tenderness and protective need required to be the hero of this story. There is the tragic back story of his twin sister being a victim of car accident he is sure her husband caused. He is obsessed with trying to nail the husband for the criminal act with no success. He carries this burden continuously.

His love interest in this is Melissa. She is strong; must care for her nephew and mother and lives with the loss of her sister. She has learned not to trust men; they have either let her down like her father or are evil like her dead sister’s husband. Her only focus is maintaining and getting through the hurdles presented.

The book takes off with Greg Cage and Melissa meeting.
Do they have chemistry….. Hell yeah
Do they have snappy dialogue and fuck me talk……. Yaaaaaaaah
Do they get together and have off the chart sex from the get go…. Oh, Hell to the yaaaaaaaaaaaah
And please do not get me started about how Cage’s interest in satisfaction for his partner has caused him to invest in decorations……….

This is a love story… and it has some really special moments; The nephew Cohan steals the story and your heart; there is an evil witch, it is a fairy tale remember, and there are many twists and turns to keep your interest.

I felt this book was more to my liking. I liked Melissa and what she stood for; I liked the deeper dimensions of all of the characters with serious tastes of what is to come in future books. Beck and Dee’s story is next.

Hat’s off to you, Ms. Harper. You have figured out how to create modern day tales which reach back to the little girl wishes and dreams still hidden deep inside.

4 Protective, Relentless, Independent, Decorated Stars * * * *

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2 Responses to Guest Book Review – Cage (Corps Security #2) – Harper Sloan

  1. Dorothy says:

    I really liked this book. Yes the decorations sound very interesting, I’ve seen them before but had to revisit some pictures. No judging. Haha. I like the first book too. I’m reading Claim Me now. Will let you know.

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