Book Review – Dirty Red (Love Me With Lies #2) – Tarryn Fisher

You all know how much I loved The Opportunist (Book #1 in the Love Me With Lies series), so I did something I never do, I checked the reviews of the sequel, Dirty Red, before I read it. It’s not that I never read reviews before buying a book, it’s why I did it this time. I wondered if Leah’s story could ever live up to Olivia’s. I found that a lot of readers who’d absolutely loved The Opportunist, gave Dirty Red 4 stars. That worried me. Made me think the story was not up to the same standard as the first. I was so so wrong! Loved it! And here’s why.

Dirty Red is in Leah’s POV. She, the scorned woman who took it upon herself to break up Caleb and Olivia. This one, just like book #1, gives us the past and the present. The book begins some months after the end of book #1. Leah and Caleb are about to be parents. Caleb is over the moon. Leah is not. Another girl to compete for her husbands attention. No way she’s happy. And so begins their family life.

They say that ‘hell hath no fury like a woman scorned’ and that proved so true with Leah. She was psychotic. Her entire existence revolved around two people, her husband Caleb, and her husband’s obsession, Olivia. Everything she did, everyone she spoke to, it all boiled down to these two.

While I was shocked at how shallow and self centered she was, I will say that I came close to understanding her. When we learn her background, and we learn how alone she feels and how alone she truly is… then I felt for her. Of course that doesn’t excuse most of the things she did… just a tiny bit… I also did feel as if she truly loved Caleb and understood why she fought dirty when it came to him. That being said, wow! Poor Caleb!

… I am never enough for him. I can feel it – see it in the way he looks at me. His eyes are always probing, searching for something. I don’t know what he’s looking for. I wish I did.

He’s looking for some humanity Leah… and you have none! But then as much as I mean that, I did honestly feel as though life had dealt her some pretty shitty cards and she turned into this person to protect herself.

I think of myself as being perfectly photoshopped. If I started scraping at the layers of what I’m suppressing – what I’ve put a pretty picture over – things would start looking pretty ugly.

I was truly all over the place with my feelings for Leah! Which I loved! Only a good author could make me feel pity, to hate to camaraderie in a span of minutes… But Leah aside, because honestly psychoanalyzing her will take more than my Psych 101 class had to offer, we did get glimpses of Olivia and mostly Caleb. I truly felt for him. Though Leah was the Devil’s spawn, he truly tried with her. Sigh…

What a book. What a series! I love when books are angsty. And I want to feel that angst. To not even have to put myself in that position but to just somewhat be in it. And that’s what this series has done for me. I even forgot my love for smut! I just wanted to live in this book. Feel the sadness, the betrayal, the longing… and I promise, you feel it all… And the fact that this angst sits side by side with wit is such an accomplishment.

I’m in love with this series. Tarryn Fisher… bravo! You’ve become a favorite 🙂

5 stars!

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dirty red

Finally I’d like to thank the author for providing this copy for my review.

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3 Responses to Book Review – Dirty Red (Love Me With Lies #2) – Tarryn Fisher

  1. Lucy says:

    I loved the book Dirty Red and call me crazy but I sympathized with Leah. Although I liked Caleb in the first book, after reading Dirty Red my love for him took a big hit. I found him to be a coward and I was rooting for Leah to make his life hell lol. I loved Leah in Dirty Red so much that I will not read the last book in the trilogy because I know as the designated villain things will not end well for her, she’s the “fall guy” . But while I won’t read the the final book in this trilogy, I will pick up any future books from Tarryn Fisher as I agree she’s a fantastic author.

    • oh thank God! I thought I was the only one who sympathized with her! 🙂 But I read the last book… I feel like both her and Olivia are villains… only she outdoes herself in the last book… read it please! lol! I’m looking forward to Mud Vein… sounds DARK 🙂

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