Blog Tour: Book Review + Excerpt + Giveaway – Chasing Dreams (Devil’s Bend #1) – Nicole Edwards

A new series from Nicole Edwards! Today we have a steamy excerpt for you, my review and a humongous giveaway!!!!



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“Come with me, cowboy,” she told him, her tone just as firm as when she had dealt with him outside. Even after their bout of explosive sex, he was still incredibly tense, so taking control of the situation seemed like the only way she was going to get through to him.

He opened one eye, peering at her from the side before he sighed and then pushed himself to his feet. She waited until he joined her at the door to the hall. Grabbing his hand, she led him to the bathroom. Being an old farmhouse, she didn’t have a master bathroom, unless the only bathroom in the house was considered a master, so this one would have to do. It wasn’t pretty with the pale yellow tile and faded flower wallpaper, and it wasn’t big, but the shower worked and that’s all that mattered to Tessa.

“Get undressed,” she instructed.

She didn’t waste any time removing her sweater and skirt, followed by her panties and bra. She noticed Cooper’s hesitation as he watched her, and the passion that had returned to his golden gaze was hotter than the steam now billowing in the small space. Stepping into the long, narrow tub, Tessa pulled the shower curtain closed behind her.

The rustle of clothing being removed was barely heard over the sound of the shower, but knowing Cooper was getting with the program lightened Tessa’s heart. It did funny things to her insides to know that he was spurred into motion by the sight of her naked body.

Once he climbed in with her, Tessa forced him closer to the shower spray, putting herself behind him.

“Put your hands on the wall,” she said sweetly, trying to keep the anticipation out of her tone. It wasn’t an easy thing to do.

Tessa had always been the take charge kind of girl, ever since she was young, but this was pushing even her boundaries. Here in front of her was a glorious, naked cowboy, one that made her feel significantly small by comparison, although she wasn’t a lightweight and he was doing what she instructed him to do.

Aside from a skeptical backward glance, Cooper did what she asked, leaning forward and placing his hand on the wall beneath the shower head. She turned the sprayer so that it ran down the tiled wall beside them and then grabbed a bottle of body wash from the shelf. Pouring a significant amount into her hands, she started soaping his back, making her way up to his shoulders.

The intention of this shower liaison was to get him to relax. Since sex hadn’t accomplished that goal, she was going to work on him with her hands.

The low groan that echoed made Tessa smile. She kept rubbing, kneading her fingers into the tight muscles across his broad shoulders. The body wash actually contained baby oil, so her hands were slick as they moved easily over his wet skin.

A solid ten minutes had passed before Tessa reached around, offering the same ministrations to his chest muscles as she pressed her breasts against his back. “Does that feel good?” she asked as she let her hands wander over his sides. Reaching for the bottle again, she added more and then put her hands back on him.

“Like heaven,” he groaned.

Well, then she would keep going.

Dropping to her knees, Tessa knelt behind Cooper, her soap slick hands wrapping around his ankles, massaging the muscles as she moved upward, over his corded calves, then up to his rock hard thighs. Considering how thick they were, she focused both hands on one before alternating to the other. She continued her upward trek until she reached his perfect ass, digging her fingers deep into the muscles once she was upright.

Another approving groan and then Cooper stood tall once again. Tessa grabbed one more handful of soap and then continued as she reached around him, letting her hands slide down his chiseled abs, then teasing the hair beneath his navel and following it as it trailed downward.

When she reached his cock, she wasn’t shocked to find him thick and hard. Using what she had, Tessa wrapped her hands around his erection, her breasts pressed against his back as she stroked slowly, letting the slippery soap work in her favor.

“Tessa.” Her name came out on a growl, and she laughed.

“You like that?”

“Too much,” he moaned.

She didn’t stop, just squeezed his cock in her hands, not too tightly, but not too gently either. “Turn around.”

Cooper’s sudden movement made her giggle. Excited much? When he looked down at her, she was thrilled to see that the tension in his face had eased and that dark hunger was back in his eyes. Taking the shower sprayer from the wall, Tessa doused him with it, washing away the soap from his entire body, and then spending an extra minute letting the water cascade over his cock.

She met his eyes and smiled. Now she was ready to send him over the edge



I associate Nicole Edwards with steamy, erotic romances. So when I heard that her new series would be contemporary romance, I wondered how someone so good at kinky erotica could manage to reign herself in. Turns out she does it just as beautifully. Not kinky, no. But oh so sexy and very very sweet.

Chasing Dreams is the story of Tessa Donovan and Cooper Krenshaw. Tessa owns a bar in small town Devil’s Bend, Texas. While she hosts wonna-be country music singers at her bar once in a while, she’s surprised to hear that the Cooper Krenshaw is going to perform at her bar. Cooper, one of the hottest artists in Country Music is in Devil’s Bend, and since he know’s Tessa’s brother, he’ll perform at their bar.

From the moment Cooper sees Tessa, he’s mesmerized. But once he starts hanging out with her he’s a goner. Sweet, beautiful but tough as nails Tessa. She’s not interested in a relationship. Especially not one with a celebrity in town on a break. But Cooper  is tired of the celebrity life, wants to go back to what he loved most, what made him love music so much, his roots, the fans, and yes, small town bars where it all started.

I really enjoyed reading about these two. As a closet country music fan (guess that secret’s out…) I loved that he was not a rockstar like all the other books I’ve read. That though he had rockstar status, he was a small town country boy at heart – looking to re-connect with himself again. I also loved that she wasn’t swooning after him. That she was just different. She wanted what she wanted, hoping that no complications would interfere. With all these subtle but important differences, I found the book a breath of fresh air.

And we definitely have to talk about the author’s erotica side. Was it completely tamed? Luckily not! Well, as you can see from the excerpt 😉 While it was much much tamer that what we’re accustomed to, it was also very sexy, sensual, sweet, angsty and just what the doctor ordered after my previous uber kinky book 🙂

A sweet heartwarming story that comes highly recommended.

4 stars!

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