Book Review – Natural Law (Nature of Desire #2 – Joey W. Hill

Ever since re-discovering my love for the Erotica genre, I’ve read almost everything I could get my hands on. One of this was my first FemDom book. I stumbled upon it and to be honest didn’t realize that it was FemDom until I was very deep into the story. And surprisingly… I loved it! Since then I’ve been searching for FemDom books that will measure up and have been sadly disappointed. Until I came across Natural Law.

I was reading a book I’d been anticipating but it was proving to be quite a bore so I dropped it and opened Natural Law. Wow! So so glad I did! Erotica plus Romantic Suspense, two of my favorite genres. But I was of course a bit apprehensive of the FemDom angle. Turns out I needn’t have worried. Joey Hill handles the genre like only a pro can.

So what’s it about? MacKenzie ‘Mac’ is a homicide detective and a submissive. Quite surprising for a man who looks the way he does and does the job he does.

But he’s accepted his proclivities which is why when a dominatrix starts killing off her submissives, he takes on the job. Goes undercover at the BDSM club linked to the dead submissives. There, he meets Violet, a Dominatrix, just out of training. And he falls hard. Unfortunately for him, Violet is not only out to find a man who’ll submit his body to her, she wants everything… heart and soul included. Problem is, Mac knows how to play the submissive game without letting any of the mistresses close. But Violet is different, if only both of them can agree to surrender to each other.

“He lets a woman hold the reins sexually, probably the only apect of his life where he allows anyone to dominate him. However, the key is that he ‘let’s her.’ His heart is that of a true sub, but no one’s ever taught him that being a true sub means the only choice is surrender. Though he barely knows it, he’s waiting to possess and be possessed.

Again. wow! I’d almost forgotten how hot well written erotica could be! I’m just happy I could read all day Sunday in bed with my boyfriend reading next to me because man, I needed both the bed and the boyfriend 🙂 I’m more of an alpha male kind of girl and so I’m always so curious as to how a woman could take a strong man. The other FemDom book I loved so much had a beta male so it was easy to imagine him being submissive. But Mac is alpha everywhere… but in the bedroom.

He was powerful, a predator, but what made him absolutely irresistable to her, overriding her common sense, was that he was a sexual submissive. An alpha wolf who chose the role of beta in the bedroom, but only for the right woman.

I wanted the author to convince me that such a man could be tamed in the bedroom. And boy does she convince! I loved the fact that the belief came easily for me. That at no one point did I question his submission. And I loved watching surrender to violet. Loved the fight in him, the love, the reverence… just plain loved him. Violet on the other had was a strong character, as a dominatrix should be. But she was also sweet and believable. She broke down, she suffered, she cried… she was just human… it was just a joy to read about these two…. them learning and accepting their need for each other. It was truly heartfelt.

I will say that this was not light BDSM. There were toys, sadism, and everything in between. But what I loved is that I believed it. It almost had a Tiffany Reisz feeling to it, but I wouldn’t call it dark.

Which now brings me to the suspense. There are the murders that Mac is investigating. And what better way that to get to know the mistresses in the club. But of course, with him having his eye for only Violet, he did get a bit distracted. But the suspense was still there. I wondered out of the mistresses who it was and I’ll admit I thought it was one. At one point I was really willing the author not to disappoint me by making it that easy. And luckily she didn’t. The suspense, the mystery, the action, all played out to my satisfaction.

And let’s not forget the sweet…

“I’ll make you feel so loved and desired, you won’t know where one ends and the other beings. What’s more , it won’t matter. You won’t need to separate them.”

I’ve already downloaded three more books in this series. Joey W. Hill, you’ve earned yourself another huge fan!

4.5 stars.

Amazon Buy Link – Natural Law by Joey W. Hill


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18 Responses to Book Review – Natural Law (Nature of Desire #2 – Joey W. Hill

  1. MJ says:

    You need to read her vampires and Knights of the Boardroom too and of course there’s mermaids and then there’re witches – omg just need to read them all, you’ll LUV them! 🙂

  2. Michelle says:

    I so happy you’ve discovered one of the Grande Dames of BDSM, Mistress Joey W. Hill!! The woman KNOWS her stuff. She has lived the lifestyle and the depth of her knowledge is infused in all her books. I highly recommend her backlist and a visit to her fan site 😉

  3. Joey W Hill says:

    Jessy, thank you – I couldn’t have asked for a better review! I love the ones that come from spontaneous enthusiasm for the characters and story. So happy you loved Mac and Violet. And thank you SO much for sharing that love. Thanks to all for these lovely comments about my work as well. I’m beaming from ear to ear! Oh, and as Michelle says, you’ll want to visit the fan forum if you keep liking what you read, because I put FREE novella and short downloads there under the Vignette section, revisiting the characters (including Mac/Violet). They’re intended as a big thank you to my readers! (and they give me a chance to hang out with my favorite characters again – wink).

    • The best thing about discovering you a million years after everyone else is that I now have so many of your books to read! And it coincides with me going on holiday for a month! Let’s just say it’s already christmas in Jessyland 🙂 xx

  4. mlynpeters says:

    I have never read a femdom book before & Oh I am soooooo glad this was my first. What a different world & read !! I will judge all others by this one, I’m sure. Joey W. Hill masterfully writes a strong but vulnerable Alpha male & a determined woman who is DOM-strong yet emotionally caring , open & also vulnerable. I NEED more of this genre!! A- Mazing!!

    • I think I had all these prejudices about femdom books… I knew what I’d like the genre to be to make it awesome in my eyes and Joey W. Hill did that and more… just like you I can’t wait to read more… I’ve actually cut down on blog tours and all that stuff to take time to discover my kind of books… and this is definitely it!

  5. lapetitemort says:

    Great review! This book is going on my reading list. I haven’t read a femdom book yet but I’m looking forward to a new experience!

  6. Kelly says:

    So I have a question. I got this book months ago for free and then read some of the reviews. I was put off by the way they described Violet. She was to harsh, to bitchy and couldn’t connect with her and how she treated Mac. I am reading your review and I get a different feel. What’s the story?

    • Hmmm… without giving the story away, she is harsh to him but only as a means to an end. But I thought the way she was was necessary. Also, I liked the way as was potrayed as a mistress, to me it rang true… but what do I know 🙂 I say give it a try Kelly…

  7. Kelly says:

    OMG! This was an awesome book! I have never read a book with a FemDom before and I could not believe how beautiful this story was. The love, compassion, honesty humbled me. I definitely found more comfort in this story than I do in regular BDSM books with Dom’s. Thank you for encouraging me to read it.

    • Joey W Hill says:

      Kelly, so glad you loved it!! I enjoy exploring D/s stories with both Male Dom and Female Dom – there’s some differences, but a lot of overlap, too, and then throw in the uniqueness of the personality involved…in short, I never run out of story ideas! Especially with lovely compliments like these. Thank you SO much.

      • Kelly says:

        Oh Joey the love she offers him makes you feel so safe. I find in other books about Dom’s, obviously they are male, so I find them more aggressive and not soft and compassionate like I read in this story.You are just a wonderful writer. Really I can’t say that enough. I am thinking about reading your vampire series next and maybe book 5 of the Nature of Desire series.

      • Joey W Hill says:

        Kelly, I hope you enjoy my vampires. It is considered one of my more hardcore series, and Lady Lyssa, the heroine of the first book, is a bit scary, but she’s one of my personal favorite female characters. However, if you want to enter the series at a gentler point, a lot of my readers suggest book 4, Beloved Vampire, as a great gateway drug (lol). It can stand alone, features a very protective, old school vampire named Lord Mason, and you’ll get to meet Lyssa in that book at a safe distance (wink).

        Book 5…that’s Mistress of Redemption, right? It has a very different tone from the rest of the NOD series – little bit paranormal in nature, and more erotica love story than erotic romance. But it was a pleasurable challenge to write a book where the hero was a villain in previous books. Hope you enjoy whichever journey you next choose to take with the characters, and thanks again for the wonderful comments!

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