Book Review – Killing Time (Ties That Bind #1) – Elle Chardou

When I got this book, I was told that it’s a mix of Romantic Suspense and Erotic Romance but that it was more on the darker side of Erotica. You mean my three favorite genres all in one? sign me up!

The book begins with a BDSM scene. Trésor DeMarche is in the basement of her lover Rory Krieger and he is punishing her. See, their relationship is one of Total Power Exchange and while Trésor is not a slave, she is his submissive and obeys him completely. But this time she’s in the mood for punishment and deliberately disobeys. After the punishment she is locked up in a cage…. which is her last day alive. Upon hearing of her sister’s death, Aurélie Segler-DeMarche confronts Rory. Rory explains that he was not in the country and that it was his identical twin brother Severin who doled out Trésor’s punishment. Aurélie is not convinced and decides to investigate.

Sigh… I’m not sure where to begin. This book tested my patience. I’m convinced I have the patience of a saint… well… if you overlook the fact that I skimmed a lot! Ok, where to begin? I’ll start with the biggest problem – grammar. It felt to me as if the book was originally written in another language and got lost in translation. Or… it needs an editor.. bad. The second problem, and very related, the conversations in the book. I’ve never heard anyone speak that way. It was incredibly stilted and just plain unnatural. The rest of the problems were minor… mostly I just did not believe some of the situations and their reactions… too many to point out individually.

I started skimming at 60%. I will say that I loved the blurb. I thought there was a lot to the story and I do honestly think that after editing, the book will flow easier and the experience will be much more enjoyable.

It has an average of 4 stars on Goodreads so I will end with a disclaimer because I’m clearly the only one swimming against the tide… if you want a BDSM book with a murder plot… give it a try. But for me…

2 stars.

Amazon Buy Link – Killing Time by Elle Chardou

killing time

I’d like to thank the author for providing this copy for my review.

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