Blog Tour: Book Review + Giveaway – Hell’s Knights and Heaven’s Sinners (MC Sinners #1 and #2) – Bella Jewel

Funny how bikers are now rivaling billionaires and Rockstars in our fantasies. I honestly never thought about bikers until recently. Now I can’t get enough. Which is precisely why I was so excited to read the MC Sinners series.

*This is the review for book #1, Hell’s Knights. Scroll down for the review of Heaven’s Sinners.

Hell's Knights Cover

Hell’s Knights is the story of Cade and Addison. Addison, the daughter of the president of the Hell’s Knight’s Motocycle Club. She’s had a tough life. A whore for a mother and abused by her mother’s pimp. Having nowhere to go, she seeks out her father. The biker life isn’t what she ever pictured for herself but neither is being raped at 13. And so she decides to make do and move on as soon as she can. But there she meets Cade. Her father’s VP. And moving on doesn’t seem so appealing… 🙂

Cade is the kind of man you want to fuck, just for the experience. Not only is he gorgeous, I also have no doubt he can fuck just as beautifully as he charms women.

However, the past comes knocking… just when Addison thought she could fit in.

I quite enjoyed this story. It had true biker talk and the steamiest scenes! At one point I tried reading it at my lunch break at work and (TMI alert!) decided to spare my poor panties 🙂

The characters were loveable… tough girl verses alpha biker 🙂 and we got to know and sympathise with their tortured backgrounds. Even cheer for their happily ever after. While I wished for more angst and a bit more between the two I did love the steamy scenes and I’m sure erotica fans will love them.

*Review for Book #2, Heaven’s Sinners

Heaven's Sinners Cover

Bella Jewel definitely upped the ante with this one! This is Spike and Ciara’s story. They were introduced to us in Hell’s Knights. And their story is definitely not a smooth one.

See Spike and Ciara were best friends, but after the death of Spike’s wife, Cheyenne (Ciara’s sister)… they not only drifted… they hated each other. Fast forward some years later and Ciara is back. Her mission is to get her best friend back. Ask for his forgiveness and finally confess the love she’s always had for him. But it’s not that easy. They both hurt each other. And some mistakes just cannot be unmade… or can they?

I really enjoyed this one. Definitely my favorite of the two. Yes, they have both suffered and mostly at each other’s hands. But I loved seeing them learn to like each other again… forgive each other. The angst, the sorrow and the anger between them was palpable.

It had more sexual tension and definitely steamed it up! That’s what I’ve come to realize and expect from this author – straight up unabashed erotica. The scenes are not hurried, they are not drawn out, they just are. And the creativity is just… wow!

So if you really want a quick and easy, and a whole lot steamy ride… look no further.

Overall for the two books…

3.5 stars!


  • 2 x Signed copies Hell’s Knights (Open Internationally)
  • 2 x Signed Copies of Heaven’s Sinners (Open Internationally)
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5 Responses to Blog Tour: Book Review + Giveaway – Hell’s Knights and Heaven’s Sinners (MC Sinners #1 and #2) – Bella Jewel

  1. Adriana says:

    Jessy hi…. I am Brazilian and I love erotic books…… And now I also love your blog…… I love bikers …. Madeline Sheehan is my new hero…. And I love the khatleen turner serie from Tiffany snow …… Do you other series like that???????
    You my new erotic guru!!!!!!
    Thank you

  2. Kelly says:

    Hey Jessy, book seems really painful and stressful. I was wondering how bad is it?

  3. Kelly says:

    Book 2 that is Heaven’s Sinners….sorry refer to question above

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