Book Review – Yearning Devotion – Rachel Orman

And now for something different…

I’ve never read f-f erotica. I love my growly dominant men too much to read a book without one. But I always want to try something new so I got Yearning Devotion.

This is the story of Gwen Black. Gwen has lived a hard life. Abducted, raped and abused, she’s learnt first hand of human cruelty. An experience that left her incapable of trusting men. She’s in a relationship with McKayla. A girl she met at the lowest point of her life – both having gone through similar circumstances. They’ve come a long way from the abused girls they were and they are still very much in love with each other. Gwen takes the subway every day to school and she’s noticed a man she calls Mr. Green Eyes. A mishap brings her face to face with him, Cole Cressler. This encounter is the beginning of their story.

Again, I wasn’t sure how much I’d enjoy f-f erotica. Turns out I’m not it’s biggest fan. I realized I was looking forward to the scenes between Gwen and Cole the most. Not that the ones with McKayla weren’t hot, they just didn’t leave me hot and bothered 🙂 That being said. I quite enjoyed this story. Be warned that it is dark – we get to know all the terrible things that happened to Gwen during her abduction.

I took that well enough because I’ve read darker books but what bothered me was the editing problems. First of all it was written in the omniscient point of view which has never been a favorite. I did like that we got to know what everyone was thinking and feeling but that back and fourth between characters did not allow me to connect with any of them as much as I wanted to. That aside, the book is in need of a bit more editing. Some spelling mistakes, grammatical errors topped off by stilted conversation. I have to admit that at 60% I was still contemplating abandoning the book but a few things made me read on.

One, Mckayla is not bisexual so I kept wondering how their relationship would work. Sharing Gwen with Cole can’t be easy and I kept wondering when it would become too much. I’m definitely cheering for Cole, which of course emphasizes the point that f-f erotica is just not for me. Other than that, somebody from Gwen’s past comes back which leaves us with a massive cliffhanger.

I’m somewhat curious about the sequel…

3 stars.

Amazon Buy Link – Yearning Devotion by Rachel Orman

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I’d like to thank the author for providing this copy for my review.

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2 Responses to Book Review – Yearning Devotion – Rachel Orman

  1. Bennita says:

    I’m glad you reviewed this because I bypassed it because I didn’t think I would be into f/f erotica either. I also love my dominant men and I feared thinking the characters would be too “soft”. I may consider this in the future. Was there much drama between characters with jealousy,considering the one woman wasn’t bisexual? I think that would draw me in the most and not the f/f relationship.

    • There was no drama between the characters… I think maybe it will come.. or at least I hope it will but it remains to be seen…

      I just think we’re both alike… very much into the alpha male which you don’t get in this book… I just wish there was some sort of conflict between them…

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