Book Review – The Opportunist (Love Me With Lies #1) – Tarryn Fisher

I received an email sometime back urging me to read this series. It had already been recommended to me but I have a TBR the size of Mt. Everest so I ignored everyone. A mistake I plan to never make AGAIN! There’re many ways to get me to love a book. But of all of them, my favorite is when I look down at my reading progress and realize I’m at 80 percent and wonder how it all went so fast. Oh and closely related? When I get to the last chapter and my heart is beating like a bongo drum, then I get to the last page and I’m pretty sure I might cry with satisfaction that I loved it so much, and dissatisfaction that it wasn’t 1000 pages long 😦

The short of it – I loved it. Easily a 2013 favorite. And here comes the long of it…

Olivia runs into Caleb in a music store. She was in a relationship with him. But not just any relationship, the kind that comes only once in a lifetime. And she messed it up.

“You will remember me every day for the rest of your life because I was the one and you threw me away. – Caleb

Years later, there he is, in front of her. She decides to speak to him but he doesn’t recognize her. See, he has temporary amnesia brought on by an accident. Olivia wonders whether she should come clean about her identity. But she hurt him so bad, it’s easier to pretend, to start over.

Though Caleb is in a relationship, they quickly become friends. Which leads to a love story told both from the past and the present. We find out how they met, their backgrounds, their tumultuous relationship which eventually led to betrayal and hurt. But all this is juxtapositioned with the present. Their budding friendship, their attraction to each other. And Olivia’s guilt about it all.

He will remember eventually and this whole charade will come crashing down around me like a bad game of Jenga. Until then, I have him back and I am going to hold onto that for as long as I can.

From the first chapter I loved the book. That doesn’t happen easily for me. I used to read a lot of chic lit, especially Jill Mansell books and I loved the wit, the sarcasm and the humor. When I finally started reading erotic and contemporary romance, I realized that most of them lack the wit that I love so much. So one of the first things that I realized from the get go was that this book had the wit of Jill Mansell, but with the kind of plot and angst that is so definitive of New Adult books. Yet even with all those comparisons, it sets itself apart.

But back to the story. Olivia is now living a lie with Caleb. But she has to. She’s never loved anyone as much as she loves him. So selfishly she has to lie to keep their friendship going. But that’s not all she’s ever lied about. She had a tortured past way before she met Caleb and she’s learnt to keep people out.

I was a relationship retard. I kicked, shoved, and punched people out of my life, so they never had a chance to hurt me.

While I understood where she came from… and even to some extent understood her ‘an eye for an eye’ nature, it still surprised me the lengths she would go. She was truly selfish. But also selfishly in love. And I found myself forgiving her. Even though I wished for once she’d tell the truth!

And onto Caleb. Popular, rich and handsome… had all the girls fighting for him. Yet he finds the only one who challenges him. The only one he loves turns out to be the hardest nut to crack. But boy did he try. I really felt for him. For how truly good he was.

“You’re a good guy, Caleb Drake.”

“A man is only as good as what he loves most, right?”

I flinched. Hopefully, that wasn’t true. I was about as rotten as a month old egg.

But I guess the heart wants what it wants. And his wanted Olivia. What a love story! Tarryn Fisher says that she believes ‘sadness is the most powerful emotion, and swirled with regret the two become a dominating force.’ Well you proved that right Tarryn. This is going to my favorite of 2013 shelf!

5 stars!

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7 Responses to Book Review – The Opportunist (Love Me With Lies #1) – Tarryn Fisher

  1. All I can say is THIS SERIES IS BRILLIANT! I recommend it to EVERYONE! I mean I cannot even describe how much I loved it, and I’m so glad you got to experience it and I hope you jump right into Dirty Red and Theif because they are equally awesome! My all-time favorite quote is from this book and is
    “It was the last real kiss of my life. I forever cling to that kiss. It was goodbye and I’m sorry and I love you so much. When it is done, he presses his forehead to my own one last time and then he is gone. I am broken. ”

    • Sigh… you’ve just taken me back to that moment! This book was everything I love all in one… and I have read Dirty Read but I’m pacing myself before I read Thief… sill really because I can’t stop thinking about Caleb and Olivia as I read other books :/

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  4. Mar says:

    I’m planning on reading Dirty Red but it has been almost a year since I read The Opportunist! I can’t seem to remember so many things! Who is Noah again? Why did Caleb and Olivia break up years ago? I would really appreciate it if you guys can answer this. Thanks

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