Book Review – Unattainable (Undeniable #3) – Madeline Sheehan

And Madeline Sheehan does it again! I was in the middle of a really good book when I found out that Unattainable had been released. And you know what I did.. yup, bought, read and finished it in a matter of hours!

Unattainable is the story of Tegan and Cage. Cage, the son of the President of the Hell’s Horsemen Motorcycle Club, and Tegan, the daughter of a club whore. Tegan met and fell in love with Cage when she was only a little girl. Her love for him only grew stronger from then on.

The older I grew, the more I grew to love him until I no longer looked to him as the one stable figurehead in my life but instead loved him with an intensity that at times bordered on madness.

But we all know Cage and the fact that he can’t keep it in his pants. And while Tegan’s love for him remained, it was overshadowed by resentment and anger.

It wasn’t the same for him. The older he grew, the more he changed. Gone was the sweet, caring boy he’d been, and in his place… He became the cockiest, most self-centered, self-serving, egotistical, narcissistic, and depraved motherfucker I’d ever met in my entire life.

Tegan, disgusted with herself for loving Cage and disgusted with her mum’s life with the Hell’s Horsemen, decided to leave that life and moved to San Fanscisco. But due to her mum’s tragedy (which occurred in book #2, Unbeautifully) she has to keep going back to Miles City and of course can’t escape running into the members of the Hell’s Horsemen, and Cage. But this time Cage is tired of Tegan ruining family moments with her rants. He gets it, she’s angry at what happenend to her mum. But he also knows that that’s not the only reason she’s angry, and especially at him. He wants his old friend back, the Tegan who loved him so much, he wants her back. And this time he’s ready to fight for it.

God where to start with this book?!

As usual, the Hell’s Horsemen Montana Chapter is one big fat hot mess.

Too true! I’m always left in awe at how beautifully crafted the Hell’s Horsemen’s world is. Most  times when I’m reading a book, there will always be something that reminds me that I’m reading fiction. Something completely unbelievable or annoyingly unrealistic. But not with Sheehan’s books. She makes me believe it. I get so completely immersed into the story that I can’t tell where fiction ends and reality begins. And you better believe that I end up cursing for a week or so afterwards!

True to the author’s fashion, this book elicited so many emotions from me. One minute I’m gasping in shock then laughing out loud then fanning myself at the steamy scenes, then back to shock. It was an incredibly chaotic journey. Cage is definitely his father’s son and we all remember Deuce’s story (Book #1, Undeniable). But what I liked most is that unlike his father, we got true tender moments from him. And also unlike his father, he went after Tegan and fought for them. It was crazy, chaotic, downright destructive… but it worked for them and I loved it.

But this was more than Tegan and Cage’s story. We also get Dirty’s story. Now this one was a hard one. Definitely not for the faint hearted. Abused by the one person who should have loved him most, Dirty is a broken man. He doesn’t allow people to touch him, and definitely not women. But fate has other plans. He becomes the hero he never thought he could be, never wanted to be, when he saves Ellie’s life. Remember Ellie? Danny’s best friend. She’s grateful but more than that she feels safe only when he’s near. And he doesn’t want to be near, because the kinds of things that go on in his mind, the only way he can be with a woman is plain sick. He knows it, but he’s so fucked up he can’t help but want it.

…he needed to hurt someone, anyone, because he hurt so fucking bad all the damn time and it never left him, not once, he didn’t get even five fucking seconds of peace, never, fucking ever. It was always there, a constant reminder that he was a worthless piece of fucking shit…broken, unfixable, worse even, because he’d become the monster he’d hated most of all.

But as hard as he tries to push Ellie away, she’s not going anywhere. She’s determined to fix him. He’s saved her life. He’s protected her and even though he’s messed up, she wants nothing else but to be with him. Save him the way he saved her. And their story was beautiful (if not a whole lot fucked up!)

I think my only wish is that the book would have concentrated on Tegan and Cage’s story and then we’d get another book for Ellie and Dirty’s story… in fact I have a title for you Madeline, Unfixable 🙂 Other than that we get all the other Hell’s Horsemen and their old ladies and whores… up to their usual crazy antics. I can’t wait for all the rest to have their books!

4.5 stars!

Amazon Buy Link – Unattainable by Madeline Sheehan


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16 Responses to Book Review – Unattainable (Undeniable #3) – Madeline Sheehan

  1. April White says:

    Madeline Sheehan is awesome , I read Unattanible in a couple of ours , it was so good , dirty , off the chain , I love every second of it, and Elle & Dirty was just a extra bouns

  2. msbeckyboop says:

    I didn’t even know this book was available! I can’t wait to read it and continue the “ride”!

  3. Kelly says:

    I so want to read this book, but I’m a little afraid. I don’t think I can handle another book like the first one..all that back and forth. We’re together no I’m gonna sleep with someone else, oh let’s get back together, it gives me a book hangover. I love that we will get a little extra with Elle and Dirty (although just saying I hope he showers in this). So how difficult is this read going to be?

  4. Lynette says:

    I loved this book too! I wasn’t expecting Dirty and Ellie’s story and it was awesome! I wish they would have had their own book, there was so much to tell and it would have been a great full-length novel. I also agree that Cage and Tegen needed more dedicated to them and I was a little disappointed in that, but otherwise Unattainable was excellent!!

  5. Bennita says:

    I love, love,love these books and can’t wait to read this one! This author makes me route for people I would otherwise hate. Who woulda thunk I’d like bikers? Madeline Sheehan made a believer out of me and I’m sure I won’t be disappointed with this one either!

  6. Dia says:

    I was kind of annoyed with Tegen. Yes, he broke your heart. Yes, you still love him. But her attitude was too much for me. I really disliked her. I didn’t feel like there was enough of their story for me to like her. I found my self wanting to get back to Dirty and Ellie. Now, Dirty and Ellie’s story left me wanting more. They need their own book.

  7. Lynette says:

    I totally feel ya too, Dia! From the excerpt, it made it seem like Tegen and Cage’s story was full of horrible pain and life took them in different directions that were out of their control, but in all reality it was just because Tegen was embarrassed and scorned when they were kids. Kind of her own fault for holding a grudge for so long…she could have been with him all along if she just settled down and TALKED to him. He seemed pretty reasonable and they had a deep friendship too, so I would think he would’ve listened. He felt very remorseful about the whole thing and they were so young. I didn’t get that he was trying to intentionally destroy her world. That part annoyed me too 🙂

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