Book Review – Sinister Kisses (SKALS #1) – Adriana Noir

I’m not sure what I just read. The first three chapters of the book went by so fast and by the time I was getting to the fourth I had to stop and figure out if I was wrong about the genre. See, the book was recommended to me by a friend who called it dark erotica. And by the third chapter I was still waiting for it to get dark… and it did. Just not the way I was expecting.

Taylor McAvay is in the woods surrounded by dead men and the man who killed them. The man is convinced she was part of a plan and wants to kill her. But is stopped by his partner. The partner, Sebastian, is convinced that Taylor wasn’t with the dead men and sets her free, but he also asks her out on a date. The date goes well and soon enough they’re living together. But Taylor starts seeing cracks in the man she loves. He has a dark side, and she learns that first hand.

Like I said, the first 3 chapters moved so fast. From date to dating to moving in. I thought it was too fast. I also didn’t understand why my friend called this dark erotica. But when we started getting to know Sebastian, I realized what she meant. I’m just not sure I would label the book as such. This was an abusive relationship, plain and simple. Sebastian? Crazy lunatic, again, plain and simple. He reminded me of Tony in the Consequences series.

There was always something darkly dangerous seething just below the surface with him. Before, she’d thought it was just part of his allure, something that came from knowing part of what he did, and who he could be on the job. Now, she wasn’t so sure.

He was seriously insane this man. Bipolar even. He would switch from punishing her and threatening her…

“Taylor opened her mouth, but he silenced her with a finger and slow shake of his head.
“No,” he warned. “The only words I want to hear from your mouth at this point are, ‘yes, Sebastian’ or ‘I would be happy to, Sebastian.’ Anything else is only going to piss me off. Are we clear?”

…to the sweetest guy on earth.

“You don’t get it do you?” he asked softly. “This is my way of thanking you. You’ve brought meaning to my life-given it purpose. For the first time, there is a sense of light to balance the dark.” He shook his head, slowly against hers. “I would give you the world if I could, and it still wouldn’t be enough, Taylor. it would never be enough. I love you.”

But the sweet moments could never compensate to how brutal he was with her. I seriously wondered why she stayed with him. It isn’t as if he hid who he was. And the best thing is that the book is written in 3rd person narrative so we got to know his thoughts. And though I never fully understood him, I felt for him. He was seriously one disturbed man.

I enjoyed this story, it was steamy and insane, so of course I did. But something is still bothering me. I didn’t get the point of it. I was fascinated, don’t get me wrong, but I kept wondering where the author was going with the story. I was waiting for an explosive finish where I’ll get an ‘aha’ moment or maybe be left ‘mindfucked’, but I was left confused. Maybe subsequent books will explain the author’s intention, or maybe I’m just slow and it’s clear. sigh

Now weirdly enough, without understanding the direction, I still enjoyed the book. I kept waiting for Sebastian’s moods and to be honest, enjoying the build up and waiting for something… something that did not come… so I’m not sure about my rating.

3.5 for now. Maybe I’ll get a belated ‘aha’ moment and up the rating.

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Finally I’d like to thank the author for providing this copy for my review.

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11 Responses to Book Review – Sinister Kisses (SKALS #1) – Adriana Noir

  1. Belle of the Library says:

    Honestly, that’s how I felt about This Man, which many fans of alpha male romances really enjoyed. I just didn’t get WHY she stayed with someone who trapped and abused her. I can enjoy the dark erotica, but there’s really got to be a psychological or paranormal element to it or it leaves me thinking “……… aaaaaand?”

    • I do think she took too much from Jesse in This Man, but the steamy scenes were just so good I enjoyed it. Though I have to say I never finished the last book in the series…

      • Belle of the Library says:

        It was pretty standard Billionaire. They had twins. Spoiler Alert.

        After he trapped her by tricking her into getting pregnant. That was my big deal breaker.

      • lol… the spoiler alert came after you spoiled it 🙂 I’d gotten to the point where they announced about the kids and now I don’t remember all the reasons I couldn’t finish :/

      • Belle of the Library says:

        Lol. I figured you knew since you’d read some of it, so I was joking. It does explain a great deal of why Jesse was like he was, but honestly, she described his “hot breath” A LOT. That sort of killed a lot of the sex for me.

      • LOL! I forget the hot breathes… just might re-read the sex scenes just to find them… and … you know.. enjoy them again 🙂

      • Belle of the Library says:

        Haha. I totally just ruined the book for you then, because I didn’t notice them until I read a review mentioning it.

  2. Lela-Manuela says:

    I just start last night with this book and now i read your review…hmm i was hoping for a new Caleb like book or something in that direction, now i just go with the flow and try to read all 3 of them from this series. Thnx for the review i’ll come back when im done and probably agree with you! ;))

    • I’m still thinking about this book so I’m tempted to up the rating. I’ll read book #2 for sure.

      • Lela-Manuela says:

        Ok i’m half way thru and thinking : Is there something wrong with me? Do i read too much? I don’t like it…this is not dark erotica for me, like at all! And i’m thinking about all the 5 stars in other reviews and i try to feel this story but dark e. or not, there’s something missing in this book. I’m still forcing myself to read this till the end. 😦

      • I know what you mean… it’s not the dark we’re used to. It’s just abuse… and Consequences was abuse but with a twist… i kept waiting for the twist…

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